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The page you're viewing is for English (ASIA) region.

Broadcast & Entertainment

Modern broadcasters need to deliver content to audiences wherever and whenever they choose to consume it. Take control of your content creation processes with next-generation digital continuity solutions.

What Is Happening?


Proliferation of
Direct-to-Consumer Services
  • Video streaming wars are leading to changes in content rights
  • Creation demands are on the rise as companies try to expand content libraries
  • Building content libraries may lead to mergers and acquisitions


Preparations Underway for
Next Tech Wave
  • Operational expenditures have recently
    outpaced revenue
  • Companies are investing in infrastructure to capitalize on 5G, mobile augmented and virtual reality (AR and VR), and artificial intelligence (AI)


Media Environments Undergo
Digital Transformation
  • Consumer desire for a more immersive content experience leads to new video formats
  • Adoption of IP technology increases in support of those formats
  • Production professionals are seeking new, more efficient ways of working via technology

Infrastructure Challenges

Broadcast-entertainment-icon_security_299554_0.png Security
  • Critical equipment and networks need to be isolated to improve physical security
  • Reducing human-caused downtime is necessary to ensure availability
Broadcast-entertainment-icon_resource_utilization_299552_0.png Resource Utilization
  • Production equipment needs to be accessible in every master control room and editing suite
  • Improvements in employee productivity are essential for meeting growing content demands
Broadcast-entertainment-icon_cost_management_299555_0.png Accessibility
  • Multiple users need to collaborate on projects in real time
  • Remote access to high-resolution video is needed
  • Redundant equipment must be accessible in case of mid-show/production equipment failure
Broadcast-entertainment-icon_accessibility_299553_0.pngCost Management
  • Purchasing and maintaining IT equipment for each employee as staff expands drives up capital and operational expenditures
  • Having to wait for available and up-to-date production equipment or applications can lead to costly project delays

Customer Success

Learn how a Hollywood Studio improved post-production workflow and simplified operations without depleting capital expenditure funds.

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