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NetSure 801 Series Power System

The NetSure 801 series power system is a new generation large-capacityDC power system. This power system incorporates the following technologies: digital dual-DSP control, active PFC, soft switch, primary clamping patented technology, and centralized cooling patented technology. Energy-efficient and eco-friendly, the system features high efficiendy, high power density, high reliability, ultra-low radiation, and quick maintenance.

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Best Suited For:
  • Broadcast and Entertainment
  • Telecom
  • Transportation
Warranty: one year warranty


The power system keeps in normal operation under the voltage ranging from 260Vac to 530Vac and withstands an extreme voltage input of 600Vac.
Network monitoring: Remote monitoring is performed in real time through network interfaces, modems, and RS232 interfaces.
Digital active current sharing: stable current equalization. The unbalance of load sharing is less than 1%. The rectifier module can work steadily independent from monitoring units and automatically equalize currents.
Safety and reliability: full surge protection design for AC, DC, and signals.
Damage-free hot swap of rectifier modules and monitoring modules and quick and easy online maintenance.
Full front access operation and unlimited overhead and underground cabling.
Battery pole reversal protection: Protect against module explosion in case of battery pole reversal.
Withstand transient overvoltage generated by the generator startup with no strict requirements on generator output.
Gradual increase in output current: The output current can be set to gradually increase. This minimizes the shock to loads and batteries and prolongs service life of the batteries.

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