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Thermal Management Optimization by Liebert Air Handling Solution

Rahul Dey •

Recent developments in societal habits have increased data consumption at an unprecedented rate. The adoption of hyper-converged infrastructure and deployment of computing-intensive workloads such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), and Big Data have been scaling the growth of the global data center market. In the present era cooling accounts for the largest pie of energy consumption in the data center after the IT infrastructure. So the data center managers are emphasizing thermal reliability with sustainable configuration, operational cost reduction, and optimizing thermal management in terms of cooling effect, optimized airflow and space management.

Further, there’s been a lot of debate on ideal airflow configuration in the data center on there various pros and cons of using raised floor vs simply dropping cold air from the top through air ducts. Recently there is another angle to explore to maintain uniform airflow i.e., Fan Wall configuration. Many colocation & hyper-scale data centers are opting for this configuration by using a massive wall of fans to push the cool air onto the data center floor. Adding the following advantages of using Fan wall configuration:

  • Ideal for application on non-raised floor data center installations with hot aisle containment

  • Uniform cold air flow to data center equipment

  • Utilize lower fan power that results in improved power usage effectiveness (PUE)

  • Highly adaptive to IT load conditions due to horizontal air flow configuration and variable speed fans

  • Compact footprint to facilitate installation in constrained service corridors & easy filter replacement from the service corridor

Being an architect of continuity, Vertiv always prioritizes technology support for critical business operation and come up with inventions that support uninterruptible operations in critical applications. Liebert AHU, an engineered air handling solution is an ideal solution to handle large heat loads along with larger air volumes. Vertiv has come out with the Liebert AHU solution considering crucial pointers for data center cooling design.


With 60 years of data center cooling experience, Vertiv has expertly designed air handling solutions with fan wall configuration to meet specific needs such as airflow pattern, efficiency, sound emission, and footprint. In contrast to other available options, it is easier to attain a variable cooling system with flexibility by the Liebert AHU system.


Lower pressure drops, uniform airflow, and using of EC (electronically commuted) fan create an opportunity for exemplary power savings and increase overall PUE value.


Individual fan motor, fail-safe design, and side-by-side configuration in cooling corridor provide enough redundancy and enhance 24 X 7 availability of the cooling solution.

A summarized table narrates the features and benefits of the Liebert AHU solution as hereunder:



Non-raised Floor Solution Easy to deploy & cheaper solution
Compact Footprint Reduce size & freight cost
Sheet Metal Structure 1.5G Anti-seismic Robust & longer life structure with safety
Higher Air Volume Single unit serves more racks
Higher CW Temp Chiller efficiency increases
CE Certified Quality & efficient product solution
Intelligent Control Plug-n-play & quick restart
Hot Aisle Containment Supply & return air not mixed

  • Perimeter chilled water unit consists of lower and upper section
  • It can handle high air volume up to 65000 CMH and high ESP up to 100 Pa
  •  Liebert AHU doesn’t occupy white space in the data hall
Applications of Vertiv Liebert AHU Solution
Customer Type: Colocation & Cloud
Application: Large data center
Challenges: Non raised floor, High-Capacity Single Unit, White Space limitation
Solution: Liebert Air Handling Unit (AHU), designed for datacenter without a raised floor. A single unit of 300 kW perimeterchilled water unit consists of lower & the upper section, can handlehigh air volume up to 65000 CMH & high ESP up to 100 Pa
Customer Type: Financial Institution
Application: Medium-large data center
Challenges: Space limitation, non-raised floor
Customer Type: Telecom Sector
Application: Large switch room, data center
Challenges: Non raised floor, High-Capacity Single Unit, White Space limitation

Recently Vertiv has announced the availability of the Liebert AHU in Australia and New Zealand, greater India and Southeast Asian countries. To learn more, click here.

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