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Deploy a Global UPS Platform with
Vertiv™ Liebert® GXE

It’s the age of agility. Technology teams at organizations around the world are charged with powering business growth and automating operations. To accomplish these important goals, IT teams are standardizing technology deployments across core-to-edge networks. And the good news is that they can now do so globally, not just regionally. In this spirit, Vertiv is pleased to announce the launch of Vertiv™ Liebert® GXE, a value-conscious 6-10 kVA Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) platform that is globally available for countries and organizations using 230V solutions.

Channel partners are well-positioned to support their customers navigate this transition. Distributors and Value-added Resellers (VARs) can leverage their deep relationships with Vertiv, expert knowledge of our Critical Power Systems, and services to help customers create flexible, interoperable technology platforms globally.

Reap the benefits of standardizing technology globally

Here’s what education, finance, government, manufacturing, and retail technology teams at Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs), organizations, and enterprises want to achieve.

  • Deploy technology as a global platform: Technology is increasingly supporting global business models and services. As a result, standardization has something to offer everyone. Standardized platforms are easier for manufacturers to develop and support. Channel partners benefit by gaining turnkey technology they can sell and deploy at customer sites globally. And technology teams gain a platform that’s simple to purchase, install, and maintain, providing economies of scale across larger installations.

    Liebert GXE supports this trend. Our online double-conversion UPS is designed and manufactured in-house and available for sale at multiple locations throughout Asia-Pacific, EMEA, and Latin America and can thus be easily ordered and deployed globally. By maintaining tight manufacturing control, we ensure that our customers receive timely supplies of high-quality Vertiv online UPSs, sustaining their business momentum and increasing their operational stability. And for buyers driven by price, Vertiv 6kVA and 10kVA UPSs will fit the bill.

  • Providing increased visibility: Technology teams want to increase their visibility into distributed and local operations, so that they can proactively identify issues and replace aging equipment before outages occur.

    Liebert GXE fully integrates with the Vertiv Monitoring Suite, which includes network cards and Vertiv™ Power Insight. As a result, buyers can monitor the status and performance of their Liebert UPS, and the Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries. As batteries age, teams can purchase new ones and replace them with the optional battery kits before an incident occurs.

  • Offering greater power continuity for sites: Technology teams oversee mission-critical operations at locations, such as network closets, branch offices, and edge and telecommunications sites. IT professionals want to use a standardized online double conversion UPS that protects digital operations at all of these locations – and more.

    Liebert GXE UPS can be flexibly deployed to meet the requirements for different use cases and locations. These Liebert UPS systems offer a power factor of 1.0, enabling more loads to be connected while maintaining the same VA rating. In addition, Vertiv Liebert UPSs can be used with up to four external battery cabinets (EBCs), offering extended runtime for mission-critical operations that may require a longer backup time. Finally, a 4 Amps internal charger brings the Vertiv backup power supply back online in just three hours, recharging it up to 90 percent.

  • Create flexible, scalable systems: Technology hardware today is increasingly interoperable, easily integrating with other solutions to offer enhanced capabilities. Buyers benefit by acquiring systems that are extendable, either at the point of purchase or in the future, gaining greater ROI for their spending and avoiding the risk of purchasing quickly outmoded equipment.

    In addition to remote monitoring capabilities, Vertiv offers an expansive power technology portfolio, including rack power distribution units, DC power systems, switchgear, static transfer switches, busways, and more. Buyers can thus easily extend their power infrastructure with Vertiv at any time. By sole-sourcing purchases, channel partners and customers simplify processes, ranging from consideration and purchasing to integration and maintenance.

    Further, Vertiv Liebert GXE can be flexibly mounted on a rack or tower, enabling technology teams to place this UPS in a variety of locations.

  • Making the most of technology budgets: After two years of runaway growth, technology spending is slowing to just three percent growth, for a total of $4.5 trillion dollars worldwide, according to Gartner. Data center systems sales remain strong, however, growing 11 percent to $212 billion, while IT services are slated to grow 6.2 percent, notching $1.28 billion in sales.

    Regardless of their budget size, IT buyers are sure to seek value-conscious solutions as a recession looms. A rackable UPS, Liebert GXE is a cost-conscious option for applications that need strong performance, without requiring industrial-scale backup power supply.

  • Increase control through conformity: Standardization helps manufacturers increase product quality and technology teams reduce gaps, due to errors, oversight, or issues caused by non-integrated solutions. Standardized solutions can also be more easily managed, as teams are trained on fewer systems and use consistent processes to deploy and maintain them

    Teams that deploy Vertiv Liebert GXE globally can benefit from the company’s in-house, manufacturing processes that result in high-quality products backed by standard warranties. Technology teams can also share best practices globally, as they use Vertiv online UPSs across different regions.

  • Gain after-sales support: It’s no longer enough to sell hardware and software: In fact, gaining post-sales support was the third-most important factor that B2B buyers consider when buying solutions, behind price and relevant products. More than half (57 percent) of B2B buyers want to be able to access services such as integration and enablement from their preferred vendors.

    Customers can tap channel support to purchase and integrate Vertiv solutions – or SMB teams can elect to buy these solutions directly. Teams that don’t want to maintain equipment or need help extending their reach across distributed networks can use Vertiv™ LIFE Services to monitor and maintain their new-model UPSs.

Standardize UPS buying with Vertiv Liebert GXE

As business speeds up, technology teams and their channel partners are seeking ways to simplify management of core-to-edge networks and outsource key services. By standardizing deployment of Vertiv™ Liebert® GXE UPSs across regions and locations, teams gain a value-conscious backup power supply that is globally available, offers integrated remote monitoring, and protects digital services. In addition, buyers can extend standardization gains by deploying other power infrastructure solutions from Vertiv and leveraging the company’s monitoring and maintenance services.

Yes, IT teams can simplify and standardize operations with a global UPS platform.

Learn more about Vertiv™ Liebert® GXE today.

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