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Cybex™ SC800 DPH, DPHC and DVI-D Series Secure Desktop KVM Switches

The Cybex™ SC800 DPH DPHC and DVI-D series secure desktop KVM switching portfolio eliminates redundant peripherals and reduces desktop clutter. This single head secure switch gives users access up to four computers using a single keyboard, monitor, and mouse. It comes with either a DVI-D or Universal Video Connector and provides the flexibility users need in managing content from multiple computers. The DPHC models come standard with one USB-C computer connector and three traditional KVM computer connectors.

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2   DP, HDMI and DVI-D   UHD 4K @60Hz   1.7 in   2.4 in   7.0 in   1.0 lbs  
4   DP, HDMI and DVI-D   UHD 4K @60Hz   1.7 in   5.0 in   13.7 in   3.0 lbs  
4   DP, HDMI, DVI-D   UHD 4K @60Hz   1.7 in   5.0 in   13.7 in   3.0 lbs  
4   DP, HDMI and DVI-D   UHD 4K @60Hz   1.7 in   2.4 in   7.0 in   3.0 lbs  
4   DP, HDMI, DVI-D   UHD 4K @60Hz   1.7 in   2.4 in   7.0 in   3.0 lbs  
4   DVI-D to DVI-D or DVI-D to HDMI   UHD 4K @30Hz   1.7 in   5.0 in   13.7 in   3.0 lbs  

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