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Flexible Cooling Solutions for High Heat Density Systems

High density modular cooling systems deliver energy-efficient and flexible cooling solutions for data centers with more than 30kW per rack. They are available in open or closed architecture and pumped refrigerant-based or water-based technology. These solutions allow expansion without interruption of cooling operations using optional pre-charged flexible piping with threaded quick connect fitting.

Refrigerant-based units are best to use around electronic equipment as they operate at low pressure in the piping circuit and become gas at room conditions. They support a hot aisle/cold aisle approach. They come in floor-mount, rack-mount and ceiling-mount configurations so they require little or no floor space.

Water-based cooling solutions come in rack enclosures or door-mounted models. They leverage the building’s current chilled water system. They offer an alternative heat removal solution to critical applications where the hot aisle/cold aisle approach to cooling is not practical.

Some of these units have easily-installed rack fan unit to provide airflow and energy-efficient design. 

High Density Modular Cooling Systems are designed for high density equipment requiring precise cooling and protection, communication enclosure, data centers and servers.

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Knürr DCD is an air-water heat exchanger that is integrated into the rear door of a server cabinet. The heat exchanger serves to absorb heat loads from server racks of up to 50 kW.

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