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Trabalhar com um representante do fabricante Vertiv permite que os designs complexos sejam configurados de acordo com as suas necessidades únicas. Se for uma organização que procura orientação técnica num projeto de grandes dimensões, a Vertiv pode fornecer o apoio de que necessita.

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Muitos clientes trabalham com um parceiro revendedor Vertiv, para comprar produtos Vertiv para as suas aplicações de IT. Os parceiros têm uma vasta formação e experiência, e estão posicionados de forma única para especificar, vender e apoiar soluções completas de TI e infraestruturas com produtos Vertiv.

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Já sabe do que precisa? Quer a conveniência da compra e do envio online? Determinadas categorias de produtos Vertiv podem ser adquiridas através de um revendedor online.

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Precisa de ajuda para escolher um produto? Fale com um Especialista Vertiv altamente qualificado que o ajudará a orientar-se para a solução certa para si.

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The page you're viewing is for Portuguese (EMEA) region.

5G. MEC. IoT. – Let’s do this. Together.

We’ll help you build reliable, energy efficient networks, that will connect our society.

Crafting robust telecom networks is a challenge, but it’s also vital.

It is vital because tomorrow’s networks will be the backbone of the connected society we’re all striving for.

Discover how you can overcome these challenges and how your peers are already doing it.

Then let’s make it happen.

Let’s Build Tomorrow’s Telecom Networks

Two minds are better than one. Thus, let’s put our joint visionary expertise to work in an agile manner and make sure your critical infrastructure will run optimally.
  • Expand your IT capacity efficiently through PFM Data Centers
  • Rest assured that your network is up and running energy-efficiently
  • Get a grasp on the performance of your IT assets from the comfort of your office, through our remote Optimisation Serivces
  • Increase the efficiency of your network, while minimising its CapEx, using the Energy Savings as a Service Model
Let’s do this. Let’s make your network ready for the next data revolution.


Latest Research

Turning On 5G Revenue

As the telecom industry enters the 5G era, a key challenge is to identify areas where early deployment can lead to rapid benefits. Vertiv identified four edge archetypes where the increased bandwidth and reduced latency that 5G delivers can be translated into compelling business propositions.

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Telecom Success Stories - Breaking Barriers

It's too often we see certain things as impossible. That is because it's true. Until someone makes them happen and we go for the next great thing to achieve.

We're grateful that we could be a part of the telco industry digital transformation and are eager to keep making the impossible happen. Take a look at some of the success stories we've been involved in.

Are you ready to write its next chapter?



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