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NetSure 5000 Series DC Power System

DC Power systems designed for full flexibility with a wide variety of configurations for various wireless access sites - on-grid, off-grid and bad grid - as well as for fixed network applications.

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Especialmente adequado para:
  • Telecomunicações


 Optimized total cost of ownership with high efficiency eSure rectifiers
 OpEx savings with environmentally durable model (up to +65 °C without derating)
 Optimized battery capacity with up to two load disconnect levels (LVD)
 Reduced grid-dependency with solar/hybrid capability
 Significant energy savings, even at low loads with ECO Mode 
 Possible to detect backup problems early with automatic battery testing 


 96.2% efficient eSure rectifiers
 Wide operating temperature range from -40 °C to +80 °C, up to +65 °C without derating
 Solar/hybrid capability
 Up to three load disconnect levels (LVD)
 Remote access – monitoring through web browsers, TCP/IP & SNMP as standard
 Battery management 

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A mostrar contactos para Virginia, 20149, USA Alteração
Vertiv (Customer Service for DC Power Systems & Outdoor Enclosures)
+1 800 800 1280
Áreas de foco do produto: Sistemas de Energia CC, Distribuição de energia, Armários exteriores
Vertiv (Technical Support for DC Power and Outdoor Enclosures)
+1 800 800 5260
Áreas de foco do produto: Sistemas de Energia CC, Armários exteriores
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