The page you're viewing is for Dutch (EMEA) region.

The page you're viewing is for Dutch (EMEA) region.


NetSure 8000 Series DC Power System

DC Power system with 3-phase rectifiers, designed for medium to large sized central office telecom and data center applications. Ideal for replacing less power efficient solutions at sites where optimal power expandability, efficiency, and system availability are key to success. Featuring Intelligent Load Management current measurement.

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Minimized power consumption and excess heat, thereby lower OPEX, thQanks to high efficiency rectifiers
Early warnings to prevent potential overload thanks to individual current measurement and site energy consumption mapping features
Safe and easy adaptation to new load requirements with hot-swappable rectifiers and distribution units 


3-phase rectifiers with 96.3% peak efficiency
Individual current measurement feature displays current reading for each fuse/circuit breaker
Site energy consumption mapping displays energy consumption for each DC power fed server rack
Hot-swappable rectifiers and distribution units
Cabinet efficiency >99,7% from rectifier output to distribution output
Multi cabinets expandable to 2,8 MW for telecom and datacom equipment located in close proximity to the load 

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