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The page you're viewing is for Japanese (Japan) region.

Responsible Business Report

Our Approach to Responsible Business

At Vertiv, we strive to advance the principles of environmental stewardship, fostering a safe, inclusive and engaging workplace, and conducting our business responsibly. Our vision is to enable a more environmentally responsible future by providing critical digital infrastructure that is highly reliable and highly energy and water efficient.

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Vertiv’s 2023 Responsible Business Report

Vertiv’s One Vertiv, One World plan is our third annual report on responsible business, which highlights our progress and commitment toward enabling a more sustainable future.

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The One Vertiv, One World plan reflects Vertiv’s strategies and approach, which are aimed at addressing environmental challenges head-on. We understand that our actions today can have a direct impact on the environment tomorrow, and we believe in making responsible business a key foundation and priority in how we operate.

With the passion and energy of our global team of 27,000 associates, we're developing and implementing new strategies and programs in our operations. We’re also driving innovation by offering energy- and water-efficient products and solutions that support reducing carbon footprints and lessening impacts on the environment.

Responsible Business Performance Starts at the Top

Our Responsible Business Executive Steering Committee, made up of C-suite officers and other global leaders, helps shape and guide our Responsible Business strategy, programs, policies and performance.

Stephanie Gill
Chief Legal Counsel
Lynne Maxeiner
Vice President, Treasury and Investor Relations
Steve MacGuidwin
Global Compliance Officer
Matthew Wolfe
Vice President, General Counsel - Global Corporate
Dan Rapp
Senior Director,
Global Responsible Business and
Environmental Affairs
David Fallon
Chief Financial Officer
Sheryl Haislet
Chief Information Officer
Jessica McGinnis
Vice President, Global Facilities and Security
Cheryl Lim
Chief Human Resources Officer
Scott Armul
Vice President, Global Strategic Accounts

The Six Pillars of Responsible Business

We demonstrate responsible business and environmental stewardship by focusing on these six key pillars:

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