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Data Center Maintenance after the Pandemic

Francisco Sales •

The reopening of the economy will require more and better storage and processing services that respond to new market challenges.

One of the main conclusions that organizations should draw after witnessing months of remote work, distance learning, tele-health and other digital changes that were fast-tracked due to the pandemic, is that the digital transformation is no passing trend and it cannot happen without proper data center maintenance.

The Data Center: From Luxury to Necessity

I’ve noticed during this time, that many companies had to make the sudden transition in a few months and, at minimum, had to improve their technological tools and scale up their software.

Others realized that data centers cannot be ignored, since they are the foundation of their entire IT infrastructure, where the most critical operations for their businesses take place.

A third group concluded that data centers are not a luxury, but rather an investment that pays off in terms of development and the company’s position in the market.

No matter which group your data center falls in, it is essential to consider maintenance as a behavior that must be part of the technological culture.

The digital transformation boom in e-commerce, for example, which was already on the rise in Latin America, is unlikely to go back to pre-pandemic levels. These trends are here to stay, and will possibly continue to grow, and companies must be prepared to support their critical infrastructure.

According to a global study by Mastercard carried out in 15 markets, including various countries in Latin America, consumers are increasingly turning their backs on cash and opting for digital and contactless payment experiences – and they don’t plan on going back.

The Mastercard study reports that since the beginning of the pandemic, two thirds of respondents in Latin America stated that they’ve been using less cash or that they don’t use it at all. Some 53% of Brazilians and 41% of Mexicans and Colombians indicate that they plan on using less cash.

When asked about which changes they believe will be permanent, 85% of Colombians mentioned contactless payments, along with 69% of Mexicans and 63% of Brazilians.

Data Center Preventive Maintenance Comes into Play

Given these numbers, organizations need to understand that data center preventive maintenance is vital for sustaining their business and, crucially, the country’s economy.

To begin with, preventive maintenance helps increase the performance of thermal or power management equipment and allows for the identification of potentially costly problems. Preventive maintenance is not a luxury – it’s a necessity for a healthy data center and profitable business.

Our recommendations in this area are:

  • Carry out operational monitoring on the main system components, including filters, ventilators or fans, capacitors, condensers, pumps, humidifiers and coolant lines. Make any replacements according to end-of-lifecycle recommendation
  • Perform cleaning checks that ensure that the filtration areas, ventilators and humidifiers are free from waste, dirt and obstructions.
  • Check your electrical systems, including fuses, electric connections and contactors related with the thermal management system.
  • Assure all functions and setup are working properly through strong preventive and predictive programs

Trust in Your Data Center Service Provider to Address Your SLAs

The trained technicians from Vertiv follow these recommendations and use original manufacturer parts, providing the necessary support to guarantee the smooth operation of data centers.

Learn more about the portfolio of data center services that we offer and don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts for more information.

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