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5 Essential Elements for Data Center Management Optimization in Industries

Francisco Sales •

This pandemic has highlighted the importance of optimum data center management to achieve the connectivity of companies to their customers, suppliers and partners. If before it was unacceptable to stop a business because of a data center crash, now, when many industries have moved to a fully digital environment, a malfunction or interruption would most likely be even more damaging. For example, a bank, hospital or utilities (including electricity) have become increasingly reliant on their digital systems to do business.

Generally, critical systems in industries have a communication infrastructure that require a data operations management service that avoids unexpected failures, as well as vital elements on which the proper functioning of a data center depends.

These are the fundamental elements that a data center Operation and Maintenance manager must consider to mitigate risks and provide continuity of service.

1. Data Center Operation management

It is necessary to have specialists who are trained to evaluate the performance of the data center and provide the constant advice that is required, since the highest percentage of outages that have been evidenced were due to human failures.

2. IT Infrastructure Construction Characteristics

Each company has unique IT infrastructure capabilities , characteristics, functions, and other requirements, whether it be construction, renovation or prefabricated modular data centers (PFM) .

Meeting business needs will depend on applications up to budget. For this reason, it is extremely important to have the support of a good advisor and a strategic partner with extensive experience and global footprint, when it comes to data center operations management services .

3. Data Center Location

Consideration should also be given to the physical protection of the IT infrastructure equipment , as well as the installation security of the database servers that may contain critical information.

4. Constant Infrastructure Audits

Constant critical infrastructure audits and frequent equipment upgrades are needed for an optimum performance level of your data center. In a favorable scenario, the maintenance service must be proactive and preventive, suggested by qualified specialists who make relevant decisions for the company, such as evaluating the replacement of equipment when it has already reached its useful life.

5. Trusted Service Supplier

As most critical sites are running 7x24x365, you must rely on service suppliers that guarantee support with highly-trained experts on site, even in times of restriction, like in this moment of pandemic, using technology and a lot of expertise in the industry. Investing in a good and reliable data center service supplier will reinforce more your critical infrastructure.

The appropriate procedures and processes will allow you to establish clear, documented and fixed contingency plans, thus maximizing the operation of the data center, increasing quality and, consequently, obtaining significant investment savings.

Discover our extensive portfolio of data center infrastructure services and get in touch with our experts to start future-proofing your critical systems.

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