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Whether it's engineering, on-site project management, energy-consumption monitoring, or something else, Vertiv offers a wide range of programs and services to support critical infrastructure needs.

Thermal Remote Monitoring

Leveraging your thermal management systems to support business objectives such as improving energy efficiency and cutting costs takes superior system insight and control. Continuous monitoring of your critical thermal equipment gives you this insight. Real-time data allows you to quickly make system adjustments based on your load requirements. This agility optimizes cooling and overall data center performance.

UPS Remote Monitoring

Approximately 37 percent of all UPS system failures are battery related. The best way to offset the risk of UPS failure is to implement an integrated service plan. Having this type of plan that uses secure communication technology allows for ongoing remote monitoring of UPS and battery health.

Troubleshooting, Repairs and spare parts

As electrical equipment ages, components begin to wear and insulation deteriorates. This eventually leads to failure that can cost you millions unless you can quickly identify the problem, troubleshoot, and repair. Properly repaired assets increase system availability and improve performance.

Transformer Services

Fluids and oils circulate in large power transformers to insulate them from high voltage stresses. They contaminate easily due to leaky seals and corrosion. A rigorous preventive maintenance program that purifies and filters these fluids over the life of the equipment will increase reliability and performance. Advanced mobile oil processing equipment provides vacuum, filtration, degasification, and dehydration of fluids/oils to restore optimum dielectric strength, viscosity, and insulation characteristics.

Partial Discharge Testing

When an electrical failure happens, the results can be catastrophic. Most electrical failures occur because of insulation breakdown due to small electrical sparks known as partial discharge. Partial discharge (PD) testing and monitoring provide early warning of impending failure. Through data collection and analysis, you are able to make strategic decisions about repairing or replacing your electrical equipment.

Partial Discharge Testing for Cables

Partial discharge (PD) testing provides critical information about the quality of cable insulation and its impact on your critical facility. If your medium- and high-voltage cable system has voids, gaps, or other defects, it’s vulnerable to PD. Left unchecked, these small electrical sparks can erode the insulation, eventually leading to unplanned outages. PD testing for cables helps you prioritize your maintenance resources and repair or replace cables before this failure occurs.

Partial Discharge Testing for Switchgear

Partial discharge (PD) testing provides critical information about the quality of switchgear and its impact on your critical facility. Your medium-voltage switchgear is vulnerable to PD if it has voids, gaps, or other defects. PD can also occur on the surface of insulators. Left unchecked, these small electrical sparks erode insulation and lead to unplanned outages. PD testing for switchgear helps you prioritize maintenance resources and take action before this failure occurs.

Cables and Bus Preventive Maintenance

Cables and bus are an integral part of your electrical distribution system. Keeping them sound and reliable is not an easy task. Mistakes in connections and splices during installation can lead to unnecessary outages. Additionally, these components are often exposed to harsh environmental conditions that can lead to failures, such as excessive water or heat. Ongoing maintenance of cables and bus is critical to avoiding costly outages or accidents.

Ground Testing Service

Grounding of electrical equipment protects your personnel and equipment from over-voltages, faults, and lightning. It ensures system voltage stability by providing a solid reference to earth. Grounding also establishes a reference to control electrical noise that can interfere with proper operation of your electrical equipment. Periodic testing to verify grounding system integrity is essential for safeguarding your operations and overall business.

Infrared Services

Most electrical equipment generates heat during normal operations. Usually, this heat is safely dissipated on its own. However, problems can develop when components generate excessive heat due to corrosion, loose connections, or overload. Infrared (IR) inspections identify these abnormal thermal rises in electrical and mechanical equipment before they cause an unplanned outage.

Protective Relay Maintenance and Testing for Industrial Applications

In its 30-plus year lifespan, a protective relay may only need to operate for a fraction of a second. But when it's needed, it has to perform. Servicing protective relays per manufacturer and NETA recommendations ensures they work properly to prevent injury or extensive damage to your plant during an electrical distribution abnormality.

Smart Turnarounds and Outage Services

Plant turnarounds constitute your single largest maintenance expense. Part of ensuring a successful turnaround is controlling the time and cost associated with the outage, while making sure your assets get the service needed to continue performing safely and reliably. Smart Turnarounds and outage services can help you make the most of planned maintenance time.

Switches Preventive Maintenance

Automatic transfer switches are a great solution during fault or outage situations, seamlessly shifting loads from normal supply to standby power. Regular preventive maintenance ensures that your switches are ready to perform when necessary. With regular inspection and testing, you can avoid switch malfunction that can be detrimental to property, profits and personnel.

Transformer Preventive Maintenance

Failure of large power transformers can cost you millions in lost revenue because replacements can take months to purchase and install. Worse, a transformer failure can trigger fire and explosions, endangering your people and threatening your plant’s critical assets. Fortunately, losses due to transformer failure can be avoided. Through preventive and predictive maintenance and testing, Vertiv can identify potential issues and repair problems before a unit fails.

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