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The page you're viewing is for English (EMEA) region.

Vertiv Geist Launches Patented Combination Outlet C13 / C19 on Rack PDU

Reduce the complexity of IT power infrastructure deployments with the Vertiv™ Geist™ Combination Outlet C13 / C19.

The Combination Outlet C13 / C19 is a 2-in-1 receptacle functioning as both an IEC C13 and C19. Simplify the rack PDU buying process and accommodate ever-changing rack power requirements with the flexibility to connect C14 and C20 plugs in the same outlet. There is no longer a need to determine the number of C13 and C19 receptacles required at the time of rPDU purchase based on equipment power needs. Every outlet on the rPDU is a Combination Outlet C13 / C19, providing flexibility for present and future rack power needs.

Features and Benefits

High Retention
High retention outlets reduce the risk of costly downtime from accidental disconnections of the power cord. The Combination Outlet C13 / C19 is also P-Lock compatible for additional protection.

Flexible Cable Management
Simplify cable management with the Combination Outlet C13 / C19 by simply connecting equipment to the closest available receptacle.

Easy Circuit Identification
Easily identify circuits with color-coded P-Lock tabs. Streamline circuit and phase balancing with alternating outlets.

Simplified Procurement
Choose your preferred power configuration with confidence that the rPDU will have the right combination of outlets available for rack equipment with C14 and C20 plug types.

Global Compliance
The Combination Outlet C13 / C19 meets global electrical compliance requirements and is UL Certified and CE Marked.

Ultimate Rack Power Flexibility

Select a Vertiv Geist UPDU, Universal Power Distribution Unit, with the Combination Outlet C13 / C19 to provide the highest level of rack power flexibility to accommodate all initial deployment needs and any future equipment adds, moves, or changes.

Visit the rPDU Finder for a complete list of Rack PDU models available with the Combination Outlet C13 / C19.

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