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The page you're viewing is for English (EMEA) region.


Medium Powerbar

Designed to deliver power to medium size loads. E+I Engineering’s Medium Powerbar is a 3 phase 5 wire system, totally encased, nonventilated, air insulated busbar designed to deliver the power to medium size loads. The range is available with copper or aluminum conductors with ratings from 160A – 1250A.


MPB is a dual sided system with tap off box slots on both sides of the busbar system. This allows for greater flexibility in installation
MPB has a fully certified fire wall penetration barrier. This fire barrier offers a two hour protection to critical supplies during an emergency
E+I Engineering’s Medium Powerbar can be connected to High Powerbar to form a complete power distribution system
Low impedance sandwich design improves short circuit rating, reduces voltage drop and removes potential pathways for flame, smoke or gas to pass through the busbar system
The tap off slot cover prevents access to the contacts and protects from the entry of dirt, dust or moisture
The modular design of MPB allows it to be installed flat or on its edge depending on specific project requirements


Up to 10 tap off points can be fitted per a standard 3m length.
constructed from either high density 99.99% conductivity copper, or high density 55% conductivity tinned aluminium.
MPB housing is constructed of a roll formed steel profile with a painted finish.
Tap off units are fitted with mechanical/electrical interlocks and an ‘earth first, break last’ safety feature.
Joint pack construction with double headed shear nuts for quick installation
3 phase 5 wire system
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