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The page you're viewing is for English (EMEA) region.

Product Family

Vertiv™ DynaFlex Battery Energy Storage System

Vertiv™ DynaFlex is a battery energy storage system (BESS) which is a key element to providing an "always-on" hybrid energy solution. The Vertiv DynaFlex helps organizations increase power reliability, strengthen operational resilience, and reduce Opex spending and carbon emissions. If used with Vertiv™ DynaFlex EMS, the Vertiv DynaFlex enables other distribution and generation (DG) assets to achieve these same goals. This scalable solution ranges in sizes from 250kW - 100MW.

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Key Benefits
Hybrid "Always-on" Power supports diesel genset replacement
Hybrid "Always-on" Power supports diesel genset replacementFront of the Meter (FTM) and Behind the Meter (BTM) battery storage provides a complete reliable, renewable grid solution from BESS to EMS
Provides resilient distributed power to support hybrid systems.
Highly modular and configurable solution
Design, installation, commissioning and ongoing maintenance supported by Vertiv Services.
Best Suited For:
  • Banking
  • Financial and Insurance
  • Chemical/Petrochemical (excl. Oil & Gas)
  • Construction and Engineering
  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Military
  • Defense
  • Aerospace and Missile
  • Mining/Metals
  • Oil and Gas
  • Power Generation
  • Power/Gas Transmission and Distribution
  • Transportation

Model Specifications Overview
Vertiv™ DynaFlex 1000
Varies by application   Varies by application   Varies by application  
Vertiv™ DynaFlex 250/500


BESS is "always on". The Vertiv Dynaflex leverages best in class energy output for seamless operations.
Vertiv Dynaflex can be grid forming, regulating voltage and frequency for distributed energy sources within a microgrid, or grid following, maintaining constant output power during load disturbances.
Microgrid islanding capability allows for power generation and ensures reliability during grid outages or when disconnected from the grid.
Utility demand management capability allows BESS controls to monitor and predict the load and respond to daytime power consumption peaks by activating the battery's output to avoid setting a high demand charge. This results in reduced utility costs.
Assists the utility in maintaining localized power grid quality via a direct command control sequence that the controller will receive from the utility grid operators. BESS issues commands to one or all the distributed energy resources (DERs) to respond to the requirement.
Vertiv Dynaflex BESS is always-on for increased reliability and efficiency allowing for higher uptime.
While connected to the grid, the Vertiv Dynaflex BESS controller can be configured to recommend and activate loads at various times of day when utility rates are favorable yet not overly impacting client operations. The BESS can command the system to assist the utility in maintaining localized grid power quality via a direct command control sequence that the controller will receive from the utility grid operator and issue commands to one or all of the DERs to respond to the requirement.
Allows for utilization of renewable energy as a distributed energy resource by providing energy storage, regulating voltage and frequency, and controlling dispatch of available resources.


"Always-on" Power
Grid Forming
Grid Following
Microgrid Seamless Islanding
Demand Management
Grid Services
Backup Power
Time of Use Load Management
Renewable penetration
Global Certifications: IEEE1547, G99, EN50549-2:2019
BESS Specific Certifications: UL1741SB, UL1973, UL9540A, UL9540
Vertiv adheres to requirements of NFPA-855 for fire safety.

*To see model-specific downloads, you will need to go to the model-specific product page by selecting the model name in the specifications chart above.

Frequently Asked Questions

What about duration limitations?
As duration times increase, land use increases as well. The Vertiv Dynaflex BESS with lithium ion batteries has a competitive 1 to 6 hour duration. If a longer duration is required, adding a DER capable of running for longer duration is suggested to help improve the overall TCO.
When making a business case for a BESS, what costs should I consider?
* What are you annual demand charges? * Are there frequent short duration outages that impact mission-critical operations? * Do you have power quality issues which affect your mission-critical facility and causes damage to your operations? If there are power factor challenges, how much does the utility charge for a poor power factor? * How many incoming utility feeders serve the mission-critical facility, which would need to integrate with the BESS? * What are the operational/maintenance and fuel costs associated with the current backup generator fleet? How often are the generators operating outside their peak efficiency windows?....consult us for other important factors.
What questions should I ask BESS vendors about fire safety?
*Does the BESS supplier adhere to the requirements of NFPA-855? * Is the complete battery system certified to meet UL9540A, which ensures that, in case of a thermal even, fire will be contained within a single rack? * What has been provided for fire suppression? Traditional clean agents and aerosols are not effective for containment of LIB thermal events since the explosive off-gasses from the batteries need to be exhausted which would also exhaust these clean agents. Water deluge has been found to be the best method to cool the batteries. * Has an electrolyte gas detection system been provided to detect off-gassing before a thermal event starts? If water is used to cool a thermal event, how is the spent water disposed of (floor drain may not be suitable). Vertiv Service safety experts inspect and certify the safety of the Vertiv Dynaflex BESS and all Vertiv equipment as well as conducting data center assessments.
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