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The page you're viewing is for English (EMEA) region.

Steps Colocation Operators Can Take to Reduce Reliance on Carbon-Based Energy

October 05, 2021

Many modern enterprises have set aggressive goals for reducing or eliminating carbon emissions, but the challenge for colos who serve these organizations is how to meet those objectives and advance sustainability while maintaining the data center essentials of availability, safety and scalability.

Reducing and finally eliminating carbon emissions will require a transformation in how data centers are powered — a transformation that has already begun.

Sustainability goals are driving a wave of innovation that is allowing operators to make significant gains in the utilization and efficiency of critical power infrastructure. These innovations enable utilization rates close to 100% and efficiencies up to 99%, maximizing available capacity while minimizing the energy losses that contribute to the data center’s carbon footprint.

The next part of this wave is locally generated renewable power. Read on for what is required to make these resources part of your advanced energy management capabilities in support of a carbon-free future.

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