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The page you're viewing is for English (EMEA) region.

Rackmount UPS Systems

Designed to Protect Critical IT Equipment Housed Within Racks

A rackmount uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system is designed for use within standard 19-inch IT racks or rack-based enclosures. Rackmount UPS systems are designed to provide maximum power in very compact packages that include built-in batteries and generally require from 1U to 12U of vertical rack space.

Most rack UPS systems employ either online (double conversion) or line-interactive power topologies. Each technology has its advantages and each may be necessary for configuring cost-effective power protection, especially in complex systems. The choice depends on factors including the criticality of the protected equipment, load size, location and budgetary considerations.

Rack-mounted servers are at the heart of today’s network computing systems. These critical components need reliable, compact power protection that will keep pace with their growing needs. The 19-inch server rack is the standard size frame or enclosure for mounting this equipment, allowing dense hardware configurations within a small footprint. By consolidating both servers and UPS in a single rack, major space savings benefits can be achieved.

Designed for servers and networking equipment used in rackmount environments, rack UPS systems are ideally suited for mission critical applications and systems, network workstations, servers, IDF/network closets, large network peripherals, VoIP and workstations.

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