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Prefabricated Modular Data Centers: Built for Fast-Paced Digital Growth

Katja Kufrin Namlić •

Vertiv™ MegaMod™ Offers Quality Construction, Fast Deployments, and Easy Scalability

Companies are digitizing at an ever-faster pace, challenging the ability of IT teams and providers to stand up new capacity to support business growth and users. IT teams are also seeking to enable new use cases, such as Internet of Things (IoT), predictive analytics, artificial intelligence, and augmented and virtual reality applications. As a result, the global digital transformation market is growing at an astonishing CAGR of 23.1% from 2022 to 2030 and is slated to reach $3.81 trillion USD by the end of the decade.

Enterprises and their partners can capture this growth if they deploy new capacity at speed. That means not only driving more revenues and profitability, but also gaining the ability to take deals from less nimble peers.

As a result, many companies are choosing Prefabricated Modular Data Centers (PFMDCs) over new stick-built facilities as they can be more flexibly and rapidly deployed where and when customers need new capacity.

Why Industry Buyers Are Choosing Prefabricated Modular Data Centers

Vertiv offers buyers a high-quality PFMDC,Vertiv™ MegaMod™ that they can deploy in units of 0.5MW and 1MW. Organizations, ranging from colocation providers and enterprises in industries ranging from cloud and IT to energy, finance, and manufacturing can use Vertiv MegaMod to:

  • Mitigate supply chain issues: Data center owners and operators have to navigate multiple supply chain issues when they build and bring white-space data centers online. Since Vertiv MegaMod is a complete PFMDC solution, buyers don’t have to worry about building a facility, sourcing equipment from different vendors, and integrating it onsite. Vertiv prebuilds and tests components, then shipping them to its Croatia factory for full assembly and final testing. 
  • Overcome a talent gap or location constraint: Certain markets may not possess the full set of skills required to stand up stick-built data centers. Or buyers may need to deploy new data center infrastructure in rugged locations where heat, humidity, dust, and other factors mean it’s not advisable to build onsite. Either way, Vertiv MegaMod can be used to overcome these challenges, while providing plug-and-play data center capacity where and when its needed.
  • Bring new capacity online fast: Building traditional data centers can take up to 20 months if land has already been purchased and permits secured. By contrast, deploying Vertiv MegaMod enables data center owners and operators to skip multiple steps and reduce deployment timeframes by 50 percent or more, down to an average of 10 months. As such, these buyers can capture more demand by offering customers faster access to new compute and predictable timelines for turn-on of new capacity.
  • Scale easily in the future: Instead of building white space and power rooms they don’t need, data center owners and operators can simply buy new capacity in building blocks of 0.5MW and 1MW. This provides buyers with greater flexibility. They can begin with 0.5MW and grow up to 2MW or more in a single location or versatilely deploy plug-and-play capacity to support 0.5MW to 2MW or more IT loads across multiple locations. This reduces upfront CapEx investment and aligns future spending with true growth. 
  • Maintain quality and consistency: Vertiv uses well-defined, standardized processes to build Vertiv MegaMod solutions and test them before they are shipped and deployed. As a result, buyers gain the peace-of-mind of using quality equipment that is backed by leading warranties and a top-notch service network in the business.
  • Benefit from real-time monitoring: As companies grow their core-to-edge data center networks, they’re relying on remote monitoring to manage more sites and maintain high availability of resources. Customers can opt to have a SCADA-based Building Monitoring System (BMS) implemented in their Vertiv MegaMod solution. Teams can then use the BMS for real-time onsite or remote monitoring and visualization of critical infrastructure, with graphics, alarms, trending, user management, and database recording of sessions, keeping system performance high.

As the market speeds up, data center owners and operators want to deploy new capability faster, while also future-proofing their deployment strategy. Vertiv MegaMod helps customers deploy capacity at pace and increase process and energy efficiency gains. In addition, companies can add new capacity on site in a modular fashion or dismantle units and reassemble them at a new location, increasing their flexibility and reducing total cost of ownership (TCO).

The future of data centers is prefabricated and modular. How will you exploit this trend’s many advantages?

Learn more about Vertiv™ MegaMod™ today.

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