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3 Steps to Architect Power Continuity in EMEA with Single-Phase UPS Battery Kits

Risto Thurén •

The past two years have taught data center and IT teams the value of preparation and agility. In EMEA, teams have expanded their small data center and edge presence, implemented remote monitoring, and architected their sites’ power continuity.

Whether you work for a Small or Medium-Sized Business (SMB) or industry company, you know that being able to replace Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries is essential to keeping backup power supplies up and functioning. By so doing, your teams can ensure high uptime of digital services in verticals ranging from education and finance to healthcare, manufacturing, and retail.

Order Replacement Battery Kits for Vertiv’s Single-Phase UPS

Vertiv offers a program that enables you to streamline battery replacement for several of our single-phase Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS). UPS families covered include Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT3, Liebert® GXT4, Liebert® GXT5, and Vertiv™ Edge Single Phase UPS. Battery kits are kept in stock locally, ensuring that they are ready to ship to your sites whenever and wherever they’re needed.

You can use the Vertiv™ EMEA battery kit replacement program to help ensure maximum uptime of your critical infrastructure by:

1. Keeping an eye on your battery runtime with Vertiv™ Power Insight or Vertiv™ Power Assist free shutdown software.

2. Ordering a replacement battery kit after receiving an alert.

3. Replacing the battery kit as Vertiv Liebert GXT and Vertiv Edge Single Phase UPS have hot swappable, user-replaceable batteries that only takes minutes to install.

Keep IT Equipment Up and Running

Vertiv is here to support your EMEA organization, whether you need battery replacement kits for your UPS devices or new UPS. Your local Vertiv sales representative can provide more information about these options and show you how to sign up for them. 

Ready to order a new battery kit? Visit our Power Continuity Services Selector.

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