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Single Phase Lithium-Ion UPS Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) Calculator

End User Calculator:


Competitive VRLA UPS

Vertiv Lithium-Ion UPS

Time Period for Cost Analysis

VRLA UPS Time period for Cost Analysis

Lithium-Ion UPS Time period for Cost Analysis

UPS Capacity

VRLA UPS capacity:

Lithium UPS capacity:

Are you buying a 5-year extended warranty? *

Calculations assume that the costs for replacement battery kits (parts) are covered by the extended warranty, while labor to replace the batteries is not.

VRLA UPS Extended Warranty

Lithium UPS Extended Warranty

5 Year Warranty Cost * (1)

(1) VRLA UPS 5 Year Warranty Cost *:

Numerical value is required.

Lithium UPS 5-Year Warranty Cost:

Please Input your UPS cost * (2)

(2) VRLA UPS cost *

Numerical value is required.

(2) Lithium UPS cost *:

Numerical value is required.

Battery Replacements * (1)

(1) Battery Replacements (VRLA) *:

Battery Replacements (Lithium):

Please enter your estimated cost per battery * (1)

Calculator uses a value of $0 for batteries if both a 5-year warranty is being purchased with the UPS and the 5-year TCO analysis is selected.

(1) Estimated Cost per Battery (VRLA) *:

Numerical value is required.

Estimated Cost per Battery (Lithium):

Please enter your estimated labor costs per battery replacement * (1)

Calculations assume that labor costs to replace batteries are not covered by the extended warranty.

(1) Estimated Labor Cost Per Battery Replacement (VRLA) *:

Estimated Labor Cost Per Battery Replacement (Lithium):


Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

Total Cost of Ownership (VRLA)

Total Cost of Ownership (Lithium)

Percent Savings versus VRLA


(1) Auto populated value for VRLA but can be overwritten.

(2) Market suggested retail Price for Lithium-Ion but can be overwritten.

Utilize the Vertiv™ Trade-In Program and upgrade your VRLA UPS to Lithium-Ion today.

Key Benefits of Lithium Ion:

  • 5 Year Advanced Replacement No-hassle warranty
  • Last 2-3 times as long as VRLA
  • Provides 2-3 times more runtime than VRLA
  • Requires less maintenance for a lower TCO

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