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Managing the complex ecosystem of data center power

May 28, 2024
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Vertiv unveils end-to-end AI power and cooling solutions to simplify data center infrastructure selection and deployment in North America

Explore advanced AI solutions

Transformation is underway

While still early in its evolution, the impact of AI is already being felt across every industry. From finance and healthcare to manufacturing and government, AI uses cases are proliferating at an extraordinary pace.

Explore the impact of AI across key sectors

AI's economic and technological trajectory

IDC forecasts global AI IT spending to jump from $175.9 billion in 2023 to $509.1 billion in 2027, growing at a rate of 30.4% annually. Spending on AI platforms will continue to rise as they become essential for businesses' digital operations, making cloud technology a critical but supporting component of business transformation.

Learn more AI adoption facts, trends and insights

Analyst report: GlobalData on AI’s impact on data centers

With the explosion in the use of generative AI transforming operations across every industry, GlobalData analyzed the market and forecast global enterprise AI spend to skyrocket. Discover what that growth means for data centers in their report.

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Rack density growth is taking off

Accelerated IT achitectures designed to run AI workloads are rapidly driving up the density of data center racks.

*The rack installations split by density data use rack shipments as reference and the average kW/rack is pre-determined for each density range category (i.e. <10kW, 10-20kW, etc.) to help determine the average rack density for each year.

Challenges to data centers

One thing should now be clear: the adoption of AI will not be business as usual for data designers and operators. Dense, power-hungry AI racks can stress virtually every data center system, especially legacy power and cooling infrastructure.

How to keep AI cool

Every step of the cooling process, from chip to reuse, must be carefully planned and modeled to optimize temperature, airflow, and energy efficiency.

Manage the ~5x increase in heat output from AI.

Heat removal from chip to reuse

Effective thermal management in high-density environments requires a holistic approach that encompasses the entire thermal chain – from chip to reuse. Vertiv™ solutions and expertise extend across the thermal chain, providing multiple technologies and design options at each link to tailor a complete solution to site and operator specifications, goals, and constraints.

Chilled water cooling solutions

Chilled water systems provide high-efficiency air cooling that is ideal for large data centers. These systems can be configured to handle the full data center load or provide air cooling support for liquid cooling. Heat is rejected through a chiller outside the data center, which also supplies the water used by cooling units.

Explore Vertiv™ chilled water solutions

Direct expansion (DX) cooling

DX cooling systems provide a flexible and reliable approach to cooling the entire data center or supporting liquid cooling. In a DX system, refrigerant absorbs heat from the air and then moves it to an outside condenser, which releases the heat to the atmosphere.

Explore Vertiv™ DX solutions

Powering AI

Understanding the challenge of AI integration

Most data centers today weren’t designed to support the high power requirements of AI racks or effectively remove the heat they generate. The challenges posed by AI integrations can be significant, but they are solvable.

AI workloads are changing how IT is powered, increased CPU power workloads drive higher voltages in the data room all while increasing complexity and constraint on power grids.

Data center power train for AI

An integrated system that promotes maximum uptime, offering reliable back up power to safeguard against outages and maintain continuous operations.

Explore Vertiv™ data center power systems for AI

Vertiv™ dynamic online mode UPS

Designed for high-density computing environments, offering up to 99% operational efficiency without sacrificing power protection.

Transform your power management strategy

Intelligent high-density power distribution

Not all rPDUs are created equal.  Vertiv™ Geist™ Switched Rack PDUs provide the visibility, efficiency, and reliability required to support complex workloads.

Discover more

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

BESS with lithium-ion batteries enable a steady power supply and reliable backup for demanding tech environments.

Enhance your power infrastructure with BESS solutions

Open busbars

Reduce cable clutter and complexities associated with raised floors, enhance safety, cut costs, and boost efficiency for critical computing workloads in data centers.

Explore how open busbars work and their benefits

Services keeping AI running

End-to-end solutions and services

Vertiv offers the industry's most robust line of service offerings for data center liquid cooling systems. Our trained technicians have expansive knowledge on how the systems operate and integrate with AI and other IT equipment to deliver peace of mind to new liquid cooling adopters. Vertiv's holistic approach to liquid cooling services and maintenance helps ensure systems function properly and high-density, high-value racks are cooled efficiently.

Explore Vertiv's full line of design, installation and maintenance services
Transition assessment

Transition to liquid cooling with confidence by scheduling a site assessment from Vertiv. Our thermal experts can provide a roadmap for upgrading your infrastructure for AI-readiness, ensuring a seamless transition and enhancing operations. Get expert recommendations on best practices for future reliability and risk mitigation to prepare your infrastructure for the AI revolution.

Learn how Vertiv's free site assessment program can help future-proof your business
Installation to commissioning support

Vertiv supports customers’ artificial intelligence and high-performance computing needs throughout the entire lifecycle of the liquid cooling system, from site assessment, to modeling and solution design, to commissioning and implementation and beyond.

Lifecycle services

Vertiv's lifecycle services provide continuous insight into critical equipment operation to improve performance, streamline service processes for faster issue resolution, and add deep equipment and service expertise to any organization.

Explore Vertiv's service capabilities

Vertiv™ 360AI end-to-end power and cooling solutions for AI

The simple way to power and cool AI

Vertiv™ 360AI includes a complete portfolio of powercooling, and  service solutions that solve the complex challenges arising from the AI revolution. Within the Vertiv 360AI solutions portfolio, Vertiv has developed reference designs for retrofit and greenfield data centers to help you navigate integrated solutions for power and cooling AI and other high-performance computing applications.

Click on the retrofit designs below based on your needs to see our recommended design for your situation. Be sure to click the “Talk to an Expert” to discuss further with one of our application engineers.

Design for new builds

Rack density Rack count GPU count Design ID Cooling technology
20kW 18 248 RD002 Air
40kW 10 248 RD003 Air
40kW 10 248 RD004 Air
73kW 88 2304 RD006 Liquid + Air
73kW 110 2880 RD007 Liquid + Air
132kW 36 1152 RD014 Liquid + Air
132kW 54 1728 RD015 Liquid + Air
132kW 72 2304 RD016 Liquid + Air
300kW - - RD300 Liquid
500kW - - RD500 Liquid

Design optimized for retrofits

Rack Density Rack count GPU count Design ID Cooling technology
40kW 4 128 4X160R Air
70kW 1 64 1L70R Liquid + Air
100kW 1 88 1L100R Liquid + Air
100kW 4 368 4L400R Liquid + Air
100kW 4 368 4XL400 Liquid + Air
100kW 5 460 5L500 Liquid + Air
100kW 12 1104 12XL1200 Liquid + Air
100kW 14 1288 14L1400 Liquid + Air

Benefits of Vertiv™ 360AI solutions

Reduce Deployment
Time by up to 50%

Pre-engineered solutions simplify the deployment process end-to-end and eliminate design cycles, reduce deployment time up to 50%.

Broad Range and Flexible
Deployment Methods

Solutions available from Edge Inferencing to AI Data centers with options ranging from a high-density rack solution, to large prefabricated modular data centers

and Seamless Operation

Only Vertiv can meet both the power and cooling demand of AI, and each solution is built from the most advanced portfolio of power and cooling in the industry.

Unmatched Expertise
& Support

Support throughout the process from assessment and design, to deployment and lifecycle management

Accelerate your AI deployment

Speed and simplicity throughout the deployment is crucial for enterprises looking to deploy AI and high-performance computing.
Pre-engineered solutions are proven to dramatically reduce design cycles, reduce risk, and provide more predictable costs.

360AI accelerate your ROI on AI

Build my AI solutions

AI solutions innovation roadshow

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Leading AI chip makers partner with Vertiv

Adding Vertiv Expertise to the NVIDIA Partner Network

Vertiv and NVIDIA collaborated to develop a unique AI cooling solution for the COOLERCHIPS program and formalized our partnership when Vertiv joined the NVIDIA Partner Network. NVIDIA’s cutting-edge platforms need advanced infrastructure solutions. AI deployments can count on Vertiv’s leadership in power and cooling to keep their AI running no matter the cluster size.

Discover the future of AI with Vertiv and NVIDIA

Supporting Intel’s Latest Generation AI Accelerator

Vertiv is collaborating with Intel to provide liquid- and air-cooled solutions for the revolutionary Gaudi3 AI accelerator. Our liquid cooled solution has been tested at 160kW accelerator power using facility water from 17°C to 45°C (62.6°F to 113°F). The air-cooled solution has been tested up to 40kW of heat load that can be deployed in warm ambient air data centers up to 35°C (95°F).

Dive into the Vertiv-Intel collaboration

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How to implement liquid cooling at existing data centers

Read our technical guide for practical strategies and a step-by-step roadmap for adopting liquid cooling for 1MW IT loads.

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Managing the complex ecosystem of data center power

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