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Mind the gap – how data centers can address the workforce brain drain

March 22, 2018

A workforce shift is under way and there’s no stopping retirees from hanging up their hats or the younger workforce from job-hopping.

As company leadership and human resources teams prepare for the departure of these experienced employees, many of whom were holding positions over multiple decades, and the influx of a younger, less-seasoned workforce, the biggest concern is a major skills gap. Many businesses already are experiencing some sort of skills gap, but this disparity will only continue to expand as the scales increasingly tip toward the green hires stepping into the roles of retiring industry veterans. But, with the proper tools and proactive action, companies in the IT industry have the opportunity to increase information retention efforts and get ahead of the ever-increasing skills gap.

Key Takeaways

  • Changing workforce dynamics cannot be avoided.
  • Organizations need to prepare for brain drain and the new working model of younger employees.
  • Leverage technology advancements, including machine learning, to avoid loss of expertise and knowledge from data center staff.

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