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The page you're viewing is for English (Canada) region.

Addressing Misconceptions Surrounding
Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Battery Recycling

September 29, 2021

FALSE: Metals are all that is salvageable in the Li-ion battery recycling process. TRUE: Today’s process recovers more valuable elements and minimizes waste byproducts.

Skepticism regarding the costs and sustainability of recycling Li-ion batteries persists thanks in large part to inaccurate or out-of-date information like the statement above. But with Li-ion batteries becoming increasingly common in the data center, it’s time to address the misconceptions.

Check out this white paper from Vertiv infrastructure experts for valuable information on:

  • Trends driving new recycling processes

  • How the Li-ion battery recycling process works

  • How the process compares to other battery recycling methods

  • The value of Li-ion battery recycling and other key considerations


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