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Top 20 Critical Access Hospital Deploys Vertiv™ Liebert® GXT UPS Units to Put an End to Unplanned System Outages

January 22, 2020

By adopting double-conversion true online UPS technology, Linton Hospital eliminated unplanned outages caused by UPS failure, ensuring around-the-clock access to life saving systems.


When the main power source to a hospital is interrupted, it is the job of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) to provide temporary power to critical equipment until the load can be switched to the alternative power source. At Linton Hospital, the IT director had deployed several UPS units to provide backup power protection for the hospital’s critical applications, including the electronic health record (EHR) system, lab equipment, telemedicine connections, and telephone and security systems.

Despite having UPS units in place, the facility still experienced several outages over the past few years, particularly during weather-related events. In addition, the UPS units and their batteries were failing prematurely, requiring replacement every one to two years.

In search of a better solution, the IT director turned to High Point Networks, a value-added IT reseller, and Data Center Systems, a local Vertiv partner, to help troubleshoot the issues and provide a long-term backup power solution.


  • Eliminated unplanned outages caused by UPS failure and middle-of-the-night nuisance calls to the IT director
  • Helped ensure around-the-clock availability of lifesaving systems and equipment
  • Simplified installation, management, and maintenance of the hospital’s backup power solution
  • Provided additional protection for critical IT equipment with built-in temperature and humidity monitoring
  • Extended UPS service life and battery run time, reducing costs and headaches for the IT staff
  • Offered peace of mind and convenience through access to on-site service support


Case Summary
Location: Linton, North Dakota
Critical Need:

To ensure uninterrupted access to lifesaving healthcare data and equipment, Linton Hospital needed UPS units it could rely on to provide seamless backup power during both planned and unplanned outages. The IT director also wanted a solution that would minimize the effort required to install, manage, and maintain the units throughout their lifecycle. After the existing UPS units failed several times, the IT director made the decision to replace all the units with a technology better suited to his applications.

Vertiv Solution:

Working with his trusted IT reseller, High Point Networks, and local Vertiv partner, Data Center Systems, the Linton Hospital IT Director replaced all the single-phase UPS units in the facility with the Vertiv™ Liebert GXT UPS series. The GXT units use true online double-conversion technology to provide the highest level of power protection available. The units deliver better power conditioning and synchronizing technology, allowing them to work seamlessly with the hospital’s generator to ensure 24x7 access to clean, reliable power for the hospital’s most critical systems and equipment.


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