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Nini Improves Distribution Center Automation With New Data Center

January 19, 2021

About the Company

Due to the enormity of this Nini distribution center and its reliance on Wi-Fi enabled robots to move merchandise, ensuring power continuity via critical system redundancy was a top concern. Plus, the wholesaler needed a more automated system for visualizing stock and inventory needs in real time. Supporting these converging systems required a complete data center build with implementation of Vertiv power, cooling and monitoring solutions.



  • Achieved power system efficiency and redundancy for ensured business continuity
  • Completed project milestones on time and per data center build best practices
  • Gained operational efficiency through predictive analysis and engineering support
  • Ensured cooling efficiency via direct expansion and cold-aisle containment
  • Developed an informed workforce and gained peace of mind due to consistent and ongoing service support
  • Improved system visibility and control
  • Maximized system availability via a comprehensive and customized infrastructure solution


Case Summary

Moreno, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Critical Need:

With increasing reliance on automation for systemized order taking and inventory management, a Nini distribution center spanning more than four football fields of space needed enhanced information technology. Plus, the wholesaler sought a partner with the industry and equipment expertise needed to ensure a newly constructed data center space would meet project deadlines and deliver business benefits.

Vertiv Solution:
  • Vertiv™ Liebert® APM UPS
  • Vertiv™ Liebert® CRV cooling system with Liebert® iCOM™ controls
  • Vertiv™ project planning, engineering, and service support
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