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November 22, 2017

Deep in the Swiss mountains, in a former military bunker, there is a company providing modular and scalable data centre services. From pure housing through to full managed services - with an extraordinary level of security - DELTALIS is quite unique. In addition to physical security, this location frees the facility from the risks associated with an urban environment such as vibrations, overloaded energy networks, civil works and construction. And yet, being located only 60 minutes from Zurich, it’s connected to one of Europe’s thriving commercial hubs, ideal for both domestic and international accessibility.

Case Summary

Zurich, Switzerland

Critical Need: To deliver absolute physical and digital security so that the clients could trust Deltalis without question. Deltalis also wanted to provide a facility that would be trusted within the Swiss market - one of the most demanding anywhere globally. Finally, the aim was to offer customised services, delivering a more bespoke experience than can be found elsewhere in the market.
Vertiv Solution:
  • Trellis Inventory Manager for capacity management and change management which supports ISO 27001 compliance
  • Trellis Power Systems Manager to control and manage power consumption and efficiency
  • Trellis Site Manager to get a centralised view on the facility and centralise alarms to ensure compliance to ISO 27001
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