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California School District Enables Modern
Classrooms with Vertiv™ SmartRow™ Solution

February 27, 2020


Having a network spanning more than 30 learning centers, schools, and academies in three cities made continuity paramount for Monterey Peninsula Unified School District (MPUSD), and this focus on ensuring no interruption to operations, was even more important during construction related to upgrading the district’s virtual machine (VM) environment and core network. Along with deploying in time for the new school year, the district also sought enhanced operations that would maximize its return on investment.


  • Efficient deployment that met quoted timeline and aligned with
    allotted budget
  • Improved energy efficiency and functionality to support maximum service
    life of UPS battery and other critical components
  • Improved reliability for peace of mind
  • Less time spent on system management and troubleshooting for ensured
    achievement of the district’s service level agreement


Case Summary
Location: Centralized data center in Monterey, California Vertiv
Critical Need:

Working with a UPS that was at least seven years old, the director of IT for MPUSD needed to upgrade his infrastructure for improved functionality and efficiency while being fiscally responsible. The upgrade needed to be completed prior to the start of the school year and with enough time to subsequently upgrade his VM environment.

Vertiv Solution:
  • Vertiv™ SmartRow™ integrated infrastructure solution
  • Liebert® GXT UPS
  • Liebert® PDX cooling system
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