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New Lithium-Ion Short-Depth UPS Brings Premium Power Protection to Space-Constrained IT Environments

Kerri Greene •

In many edge locations, including retail, healthcare, and telecom applications, IT space is at a premium. Large capacity, standard-sized UPS units often simply don’t fit the space available.

This has traditionally presented a serious dilemma for IT managers. They can either settle for a less robust backup power solution that will fit their space, but potentially put sensitive servers and IT equipment at risk in the event of power disturbances or outages. Or, they can give up invaluable floor space to accommodate a larger UPS, meaning they have less room to safely position other essential IT gear.

Either way, the available options to date have been less than ideal.

Limited Space Is No Longer a Reason to Forgo the Best Power Protection

Now, the time for compromise is over. The new Vertiv™ Liebert® PSI5 Lithium-Ion 3kVA Short-Depth UPS offers a bonified, advanced lithium-ion line-interactive UPS in a compact, lightweight form factor, delivering the industry’s greatest power capacity with the shortest depth chassis in the market. At a total depth of 16.9 inches (430 mm) and only 15.7 inches (399 mm) of rackmount depth, it fits easily into a 2-Post, 4-Post, or wall mount rack, or in a tower configuration. In a 4-post rack, there is even room to spare behind the UPS for other IT gear to share the same U space.

IT managers now have the option of putting premium power protection virtually anywhere and taking advantage of the many benefits of Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS batteries for all their applications. Because the Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion 3kVA Short-Depth UPS is so compact and lightweight, managers do not even need to commit to a permanent home for the units. They can be moved easily as IT environments evolve and new equipment is added to the space over time.

“Vertiv already has a robust selection of single-phase UPS systems, but a lithium-ion unit is a great option to have when trying to help customers meet their needs, especially as they want longer battery life for less maintenance at the edge of their networks,” said David Walty, Channel Account Manager for Data Power Technology, a Vertiv partner who assisted in the selection and deployment of Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion models for a local manufacturing facility.

A Lower Total Cost of Ownership Seals the Deal

If you are thinking that this flexibility comes at a cost, the reality is, the Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion 3kVA Short-Depth UPS reduces total cost of ownership more than 50%. The Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS solution provides up to three times the usable lifespan over VRLA batteries, along with longer battery runtimes and faster recharge times. Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion batteries are low maintenance, requiring few (if any) replacements over the lifetime of the UPS. Furthermore, the units offer high operating efficiency, which helps lower total energy spend.

IT Managers Can Standardize With Confidence

The combination of premium power protection, extreme installation flexibility, and cost-effectiveness makes the Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion 3kVA Short-Depth UPS an ideal choice for standardization across all edge and distributed IT locations. Whether an application is exceptionally space-constrained or particularly mission-critical, this UPS checks all the boxes. With low maintenance requirements, programmable outlets, remote management and monitoring capabilities, and automatic environmental condition and performance alerts, the Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS is very much a set-it-and-forget-it solution that simplifies and streamlines the IT manager’s workload in many ways.

To learn more about the Vertiv Liebert PSI5 Lithium-Ion 3kVA Short-Depth UPS and how it can work in your edge and distributed IT applications, visit us here.

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