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It's Not Easy Being Green ... Unless You're Green Mountain

Just take it from one of the most famous Muppets, Kermit the Frog, it’s not easy being green, especially for operators of energy consuming colocation data centers. But the Norwegian-based Green Mountain continues to contradict this assertion with Vertiv’s help.

Not only is this colocation’s DC1 facility the color of leaves and trees like everyone’s favorite singing puppet, the company also remains focused on making environmentally friendly decisions regarding its critical infrastructure for the benefit of its customers and community.

“Sustainability affects everything we do and is very important whenever we build new colocation data centres,” said Green Mountain Design and Product Manager Alexander de Flon Rønning. “All our customers can see where we get our energy. It is a key differentiator for us.”

Located deep inside Norwegian mountains, the former high-security NATO ammunition storage facility turned data center runs entirely on hydropower.


DC1-Stavanger is a unique Tier III-certified underground data center using the adjacent deep-water fjord as part of its cooling solution, which includes Vertiv™ Liebert® PCW chilled water perimeter cooling units.

Selecting the right thermal management system for this unique environment and deploying cooling and power solutions during a pandemic-restricted expansion certainly posed some challenges. Read the full story to see how Green Mountain executives rose to meet them while making it seem easy to be green.


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