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The page you're viewing is for English (LATAM) region.

What is the limited standard warranty?

The limited standard warranty offers complimentary 90 days coverage with the option to extend the coverage to 2 years with product registration within the 90 days coverage. The warranty covers 100% parts and workmanship. Day 31 through 730 of the limited Standard Warranty units/parts can be returned for no-charge repair.

What are the benefits of the Silver Maintenance Agreement?

Silver Maintenance includes the following benefits:

1Y / 2Y / 4Y options
Advanced replacement
Next business day RMA

Response times

  • Severity 1, 2 = 4 Hrs
  • Severity 3, 4 = 12 Hrs

Follow up

  • Severity 1 = Every 8 Hrs
  • Severity 2 = Every 2 days
  • Severity 3, 4 = Every 5 days

Priority access – 8 x 5

What are the benefits of the Gold Maintenance Agreement?

Gold maintenance includes the following benefits:

1Y / 2Y / 4Y options3
Advanced replacement
Next business day RMA

Response times

  • Severity 1, 2 = 2 Hrs
  • Severity 3, 4 = 8 Hrs

Follow up

  • Severity 1 = Every 4 hrs
  • Severity 2 = Daily
  • Severity 3, 4 = Every 3 days

Anytime access – 24 x 7

What is the length of the Avocent Hardware Maintenance Agreements?

There are three lengths offered. Customers can choose either a 1-year, 2-year, or 4-year period.

What products are eligible for an Avocent Hardware Maintenance Agreement?

Customers can purchase a hardware maintenance agreement on all current Avocent branded products:

  • Server Management Products: Universal Management Gateway, MergePoint Unity, ACS, AutoView, LCD Trays
  • Desktop Management products: Switchview Secure, SwitchView
  • Distributed Systems products: HMX, AMX, LongView
  • Infrastructure Management products: PM PDUs

Are there any additional benefits of the Silver Maintenance Agreement other than 100% coverage on parts and workmanship?

Yes. If it is determined that it is necessary for the product to be sent in for repair, a customer can receive next-day-delivery advanced replacement of a new or refurbished unit if a technical support call is made and the RMA is issued before 2:00 p.m. CST.

Is there any benefit to purchasing the Silver or Gold Maintenance Agreement before the standard warranty is near the expiration date?

Yes. If a silver or gold maintenance agreement has been prepaid, the contract holder will be entitled to advance replacements on the products listed on the contract even if it is still under the standard warranty coverage period.

Where can I get a copy of the Avocent Warranty and Hardware Maintenance Agreement Terms & Conditions?

The terms and conditions are available under the Legal Documents section.

Does the end user issue a purchase order to the reseller or to Avocent?

It is most convenient for the end user to include the hardware maintenance agreement on their original purchase order to the reseller when the product is purchased.

When is a product eligible for a hardware maintenance agreement?

A customer may purchase a hardware maintenance agreement on a product any time during the limited standard warranty coverage period. It is strongly recommended that hardware maintenance is purchased when the product is purchase to maximize the benefits and cost savings. Hardware maintenance eligibility starts on the date the product was purchased.

When the initial extended warranty expires is it possible to purchase another extended warranty contract?

 A customer can extend their current coverage up to 4 years maximum coverage from the purchase date of the product. Coverage is not subject to a 60 day waiting period if a maintenance extension is purchased within 30 days of the maintenance agreement’s expiration date (grace period to extend).

When does the limited standard warranty coverage period begin?

The standard warranty coverage period begins on the date the product was purchased.

In what countries is the silver or gold maintenance agreement offered?

Hardware maintenance is a global offering. The terms and conditions vary by country to comply with differing warranty regulations and available methods for shipping.

How do customers get their units replaced?

Submit a request through the Customer Support web site or call the Regional technical support center, phone numbers listed on the Customer Support Contacts section.

Will the customer receive any kind of document stating what products are covered under their hardware maintenance agreement?

Yes. Upon order of the hardware maintenance agreement, the end user will receive a Avocent Hardware Maintenance Agreement certificate, which will indicate the contract number, part number/serial number combination, effective date, termination date, and length of coverage in the mail.

If a customer receives an advance replacement does the warranty period change for the new or refurbished product?

No. The serial number of the replaced unit will be changed to the replacement unit serial number on the contract and coverage will continue until the termination date of the original serial number.

What if the customer doesn’t know the purchase date of the product he or she wishes to buy an extended warranty for?

Avocent will consider the ship date PLUS 3 months to be a reasonable date of purchase if the customer bought their product from a reseller, otherwise, if bought direct, ship date PLUS 7 days.

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