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The page you're viewing is for English (LATAM) region.

DCIM & IT Management

Take control of your critical equipment and applications to ensure availablity, security, and operational effciency.

What Is a KVM over IP Switch?

Discover how KVM over IP makes accessing data centers exceptionally simple and convenient

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Why is monitoring server room temperature important?

Find out why the server room temperature monitoring is one of the most important components of a thermal management system, especially within a colocation data center.

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What Is a KVM Switchbox and Is It the Right Tool for My IT Management Job?

KVM Switchbox allows you to manage multiple computers and servers in a network rack, but is it the right tool for your IT Management system?

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Why do network switches overheat?

Part of managing a data center facility is making sure that critical equipment is well-maintained. This doesn't just mean catching infrastructure problems early and mitigating them quickly.

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What Causes "Dirty" Power?

Dirty power originates outside of and within the facility. Some sources, like lightning, can affect the quality of power before they reach the facility.

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What Is Power Monitoring and Why Does It Matter?

Power monitoring is one of the keys to preventing unplanned downtime and the staggering costs that go with it. Beyond detecting power problems that could lead to outages, a power monitoring solution plays a starring role in other major data center challenges, namely improving energy efficiency and supporting better capacity planning.

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What Is DCIM?

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) is the fusion of two organizational disciplines — information technology (IT) and facility management — that started early in the second millennium as company’s dedicated building space to housing servers and other physical computing assets.

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Vertiv Data Center Security Solutions

For any organization that manages classified information, data security and safeguarding the network is an utmost concern.

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What Is a KVM Switch?

Learn more about kvm switches, how they work and the technologies they support

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How to Choose Among KVM Switches and Console Servers

When do you use KVM switches vs console servers? Find out the industries that use them, their benefits and choose what is best for your needs.

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5 Important Characteristics of an Effective DCIM Solution

Find out what to look at in a DCIM solution, to make sure your data center infrastructure, such as the cooling systems and server compute power, are efficiently managed.

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What Is Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)?

Data center infrastructure management (DCIM) has been described as the convergence between facilities management, IT management, and automation.

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Data Center Monitoring Best Practices

Optimizing data center performance is like trying to hit a small, fast-moving target.

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What Is Data Center Management?

Data center management is the discipline of planning and operating data center facilities and the IT infrastructure within them to maximize uptime, reduce overhead costs, optimize IT resources, and ultimately honor service level agreements (SLAs).

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Active Tracking Filters

Provide the critical protection for your sensitive equipment with Active Tracking Filters, a complete solution for both transient and surge suppression problems.

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What Is a KVM Switchbox?

A KVM switch — sometimes called a KVM switchbox, keyboard switcher, or monitor switch — is a hardware device that allows a user to control multiple computers or servers from a single keyboard, video monitor, and mouse set.

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A Deep Dive on the Avocent® ACS 8000 Advanced Console Server

The Avocent® ACS 8000 Advanced Console Server delivers all the remote monitoring and management advantages of a traditional serial console, with the addition of cellular connectivity, enabling it to provide automated failover.

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The Real Value of IP KVM: Secure, Remote Server Management for Your Distributed IT Infrastructure

IP KVM helps enhance security, improves response times and increases IT efficiency and availability. Read on to learn more about the real value of IP KVM.

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