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The page you're viewing is for English (LATAM) region.

Ensuring Your IT Infrastructure Is Ready for a New Era of Telehealth

Building a More Reliable Network

Healthcare organizations ranging from large hospital systems to small independent physician practices and everything in between have seen the volume of telehealth visits multiply exponentially over the past few months. As the industry moves beyond emergency response and settles in for what is sure to be a new era in telehealth where virtual visits may, in some cases, usurp in-person care, the ability of your health IT infrastructure to deliver a secure, reliable network is more critical than ever.

Infrastructure Challenges

Digital transformation in healthcare, driven by advancements in technology including telehealth, telemedicine, IoT-enabled medical devices, remote patient monitoring and artificial intelligence, to name a few, are gaining traction across healthcare organizations globally. The expectation is that investments in innovative technologies will benefit both healthcare providers and patients alike delivering impressive results including:

Increased patient engagement and satisfaction
Expanded access to care for remote, at-risk, and rural patients
Improved efficiency, streamlined workflows and reduced costs of care delivery

Healthcare systems that leverage digital technology as part of their care delivery model are better able to serve patients through more access points and reap a plethora of benefits from cost savings to improved patient outcomes. Realizing these benefits requires a robust health IT infrastructure that is secure, reliable and scalable.

Explore Vertiv solutions

Innovative digital healthcare technologies and the rapid growth of telehealth is generating large amounts of data, from a variety of sources, and at greater velocity than ever before. Leveraging this data helps healthcare providers gain deep insights that can ultimately improve patient outcomes, boost workforce productivity, and improve the revenue streams for healthcare providers.

By leveraging edge computing, providers will be more equipped to collect, analyze, and secure the influx of IoMT and telehealth data for making faster, more informed decisions at the point of care. Deploying an edge architecture enables data processing close to the source promoting greater security and efficiency while reducing both cost and strain on bandwidth.

Explore Vertiv edge solutions

As you add hundreds of devices and thousands of sensors to your already overloaded network, it will be important to assess your existing infrastructure for weak spots that could potentially bring your network down.  Most healthcare systems are in need of long overdue technology updates, still limping along with legacy hardware and software, oftentimes without adequate security, management,  and monitoring tools or required backup power protection. 

With the growth of telehealth comes a great opportunity to get needed funding for upgrading critical infrastructure devices in support of next generation digital healthcare that delivers increased bandwidth, added security, and added computational, storage and communications capabilities.

Explore Vertiv’s telehealth infrastructure solutions for power, cooling, and network management solutions


Telehealth Solutions

Products to Support Delivery of Your Telehealth Services

The IT infrastructure of healthcare providers--including hospitals, retail clinics, outpatient facilities, and physician’s offices--must be built to support the gamut of telehealth services being delivered today.  From online video telehealth visits and remote patient monitoring to virtual education and management of billing and online payments, the challenge is clear — IT leaders must meet the growing demand for always-on connectivity, while managing security and costs, and do it with fewer resources and tightening budgets.

Partner with Vertiv to learn more about how our solutions are helping more than 80% of U.S. healthcare systems achieve continuity for life.  Vertiv can help you implement the right power, cooling and IT management technology to tackle your toughest challenges.


Stay Connected

Explore Vertiv’s telehealth workstation and desktop solutions to ensure reliable and secure connectivity while delivering virtual patient care.

- Desktop UPS Solutions
- Offline UPS Solution
- IT Management KVM Switches

Fortify Your IT Infrastructure

Modernize your legacy IT infrastructure with Vertiv power, cooling, and monitoring solutions to protect the network and patient data and avoid system downtime.

- UPS Power Solutions
- Rack Power Distribution Unit Solutions
- Thermal Management Solutions
- Monitoring Solutions
- Services and Support

Manage Your Network

Vertiv’s IT management solutions help improve secure access, control and network management. Access devices in the same hospital, across campus, or within distributed affiliated outpatient facilities.

- Cybex Secure Desktop KVM Solutions
- ACS Console Server Solutions
- IT Management Software

Expand IT Capacity

Whether at the edge or within an on-premise data center, quickly deploy a fully configured IT infrastructure to support dedicated applications including telehealth, AI, IoMT or PACS systems.

- Vertiv™ SmartCabinet™ Solution
- Vertiv™ SmartRow™ Solution
- Vertiv™ SmartMod™ Solution

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