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The most common UPS topology currently used in the industry is double conversion; nevertheless, most UPS suppliers have introduced ECO Modes of operation to further increase the levels of efficiency of the UPS. In this paper, we will analyze the drawbacks of ECO Mode types of operation and further highlight what elements should be considered when using these modes of operation.

Vertiv™ UPS have introduced new ways of efficiency improvement to the market which have proven to be the premium UPS solution for data centers aiming to have the lowest possible PUE while maintaining the highest levels of availability.

Dynamic Online mode is the latest high efficiency mode of operation offered by Vertiv with Liebert® Trinergy™ Cube and Liebert EXL S1. A UPS with Dynamic Online mode offers an operating efficiency up to 99% without sacrificing reliability. In fact, while in this mode, the inverter can instantaneously assume the load and maintain the output voltage within the IEC 62040 Class 1 specification.

Large Power Offering Managers Valerio Zerillo and Stephen Major present a path toward highest energy efficiency without load availability trade-off.





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