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The page you're viewing is for English (LATAM) region.

About the Company

Nini, a wholesaler that has been present in the country for the last 5 decades, is located in two strategic areas in Buenos Aires. The distribution center in Moreno is equipped with an automated warehouse with storage position shuttles, a High Bay Warehouse (HBW) with 37000 pallet storage positions and work stations for picking.



  • The data center has a central divide in order to properly isolate the client’s cold aisle to perfection.
  • Best practices are applied in the data center’s construction and criteria.
  • Technical floor, a bench or support on the technical floor to support the UPS, 1200kg equipment for each rack unit, resistant.
  • On-time fulfillment and quality for each phase of the project.
  • Predictive analysis of the Wi-Fi antenna density to be installed in each sector as the plant has robots connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Engineering calculations for the automated system.
  • Training and support from end-to-end, from the initial setup to accompanying the client, in order to provide complete support.
  • Contact with the Vertiv engineers that verified electrical training, installation recommendations, such as what to put in first place, second place, and how to launch, etc.


Case Summary
Location:​ Moreno, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Vertiv Solutions:
  • Three precision air conditioning systems for in-row cooling and 35kW direct expansion
  • 150kW Liebert APM, a transformer-free UPS system with battery backup and N + 1 modular power redundancy.
  • Monitoring system based on SNMP protocols.
  • Engineering, calculations, Implementation, tests and launching the project. Continuing technical support.
  • In charge of the solution, implementation and launch according to the client’s standard.
  • Support throughout the entire business from the initial setup to accompanying the client in order to offer comprehensive support.
Critical Needs:
  • Complete data center assembly from zero for the client, with cold / hot aisles (thermal management), UPS and air conditioning.
  • Comprehensive construction (electrical installation), calculation, printing, storage, data center. A redundant system was pursued from the comprehensive solution, which was calculated in order for the solutions to remain operating until the generator turned on. This offers business continuity by anticipating any electrical failure from an electricity provider.
  • Continuity in face of a possible power failure: Transformer-free UPS system 150 kW Liebert APM with a power redundancy module that will allow the modules to continue operating if any of the UPS’s 5 modules fail. The entire solution’s electrical calculation was done in order to guarantee the continuity of business.

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