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Product Model

Liebert EFC Indirect Evaporative Freecooling System, 400kW, Rooftop

The Liebert EFC Indirect Evaporative Freecooling System is a highly reliable and efficient cooling system for colocation, cloud hosting and other large data centers. It combines a highly efficient heat exchanger with advanced controls to help customers save money, reduce risks and simplify thermal management. The Liebert EFC provides low peak power usage, a rapidly scalable design, and advanced controls for operational efficiency and automated protection routines.

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Best Suited For:
  • Banking, Financial and Insurance
  • Data Center/Colocation/Hosting
  • Government
  • Healthcare
  • Telecom
Warranty: One Year Limited Warranty Against Defects in Material and Workmanship


Saves You Money
World’s most energy efficient heat exchanger, with an operational PUE as low as 1.03
Maximum annual hours of dry and wet economization per year, while minimizing annual water usage 
Low peak power to allow downsizing of backup generator capacity or make more IT power available for sale
Increased productivity through advanced controls and monitoring
Lowest operating costs for higher profitability
Lowers Your Risks
Multiple EC fans and DX circuits to ride through individual component failure
Recover unit cooling capacity quickly during power events
Rapidly scalable for faster deployment and time to market
Ensures complete separation of air streams preventing any contamination and humidity infiltration 
Makes Management Easier
Advanced controls that leverage unit and system monitoring intelligence
Built-in routines for optimizing operations based on the cost of water and cost of energy for the most cost-effective performance.
Controls algorithms automatically manage unit lead/lag, protect against coil freeze, manage compressor utilization, maximize economization and perform other business-critical functions
Reduced maintenance burden through automated economization and having fewer moving parts than other technologies such as heat wheels



 High efficiency heat exchanger providing up to 1 degree F approach to wet bulb temperature
Low peak power
Dry-mode effectiveness of 85%
Heat exchanger air leakage of just 0.1% - one-tenth that of heat wheels
Integrated controls with advanced communications and algorithms for self-healing protective routines and multi-unit teamwork efficiency
 Quick restart options in event of a power outage
Low maintenance design and operation
Single footprint
Optional DX trim for additional capacity

Liebert EFC Indirect Evaporative Freecooling System, 400kW, Rooftop features multiple components integrated to optimize cooling performance, efficiency and protection. A high-efficiency, epoxy-coated aluminum heat exchanger is designed for the life of the cooling unit. Its enhanced plate design increases evaporative surface area, providing a total area larger than that of an NFL football field. This innovative heat exchanger provides cooling to within 1 degree of wet bulb temperature, with up to 85% effective heat transfer in dry mode and air leakage of less than 0.1%. It provides an average peak mechanical PUE of less than 1.25, and an operational PUE under 1.10 The system's advanced Liebert iCOM thermal controls feature teamwork algorithms that coordinate the operation of multiple cooling units for maximum efficiency and protection. These controls provide independent management of capacity and temperature to support higher return air temperatures and greater efficiency. Liebert iCOM monitors hundreds of unit and system operating parameters for analysis and protection, and features self-healing control routines that automatically avoid dangerous thresholds. An integrated spray system features a rugged, stainless steel 100-gallon sump that provides temporary ride-through if water flow were interrupted. Dual pumps provide partial capacity in the event of a component failure. A quick-change design simplifies pump replacement. The water spray branches for evaporative cooling, feature quick-change, snap-on nozzles for easy maintenance. A scavenger section contains multiple EC fans that pull outside air through the heat exchanger. A fan removal apparatus simplifies fan removal and maintenance. The unit’s DX trim has varying capacities to match load requirements, utilizing two optional interlaced coils for greater efficiency. An integrated condenser for DX cooling is precharged at the factory. Compressors are designed for easy replacement without cutting piping.

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