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與 Vertiv 製造商的代表合作,即可根據您的特有需求配置複雜的設計。如果您是尋求大型專案技術指導的組織,Vertiv 可以提供您所需的支援。


許多客戶都會與 Vertiv 經銷商合作夥伴合作,為 IT 應用程式購買 Vertiv 產品。合作夥伴擁有豐富的訓練和經驗,獨具優勢,能夠使用 Vertiv 產品指定、銷售和支援整個 IT 和基礎設施解決方案。


已經知道自己的需求嗎? 想要享受線上購買和宅配的便利性嗎? 某些類別的 Vertiv 產品可以透過線上經銷商購買。


需要協助選擇產品嗎? 與合格的 Vertiv 專家交談,讓他們協助您找到適合自己的解決方案。

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The page you're viewing is for Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) region.

Why lithium-ion?

Lithium-ion Energy Storage Systems (ESS) have numerous advantages over a lead acid VRLA alternative. With the higher energy density of the lithium solution comes less weight and less space advantages. The lithium system will have an increased service life over lead acid which means that the lithium installation will most likely last ten to fifteen years and will not have to be replaced every three to five years like a lead acid solution. In addition a typical lithium system will be able to operate at a higher ambient temperature than a VRLA system which can result in OPEX savings by reducing cooling costs of the facility. At today’s price levels lithium is still a slightly higher first cost choice but the above listed advantages yield a TCO over a ten year period that easily favors lithium.

Is a lithium solution safe?

Yes. A lithium ESS that has attained UL 1973 certification has been tested to have a Battery Management System (BMS) capable of detecting over voltage, over current, over temperature and under voltage conditions. The BMS will constantly monitor at a cell level for faults. Each cell is also designed with fusing and thermal vents to help reduce the possibility of a thermal runaway condition.

Do lithium batteries contain hazardous materials?

Unlike other types of battery chemistries lithium batteries do not contain toxic elements such as lead, cadmium or mercury. While deemed safe for disposal in landfills by the US Government, it is recommended that they be recycled so as not to have an environmental impact. Given the long life of the batteries and their relatively recent deployments many have not yet reached their end of life. Therefore the recycling market for lithium ESS and EV batteries has yet to mature.

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Vertiv™ HPL Lithium-Ion Battery Energy Storage System

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