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Network Closets

Customized network closets with Vertiv global solutions.

The Vertiv Advantage

Vertiv network closet solutions are built to maximize flexibility, scalability, and efficiency with simplified, standardized designs.

Building on industry-leading SmartCabinet™, SmartRow™ DCR, and SmartRow™ DCX product families, we can design and deploy network closet infrastructure in weeks within your existing space. Increase energy savings by up to 28% and increase rack density up to 60% without complexity or compromise – whether you have one closet or a thousand.

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Vertiv Global Solutions

Engage from developing the initial requirements all the way through project execution.

Tailor applications while maintaining the benefits of a streamlined process.

Use a mix of Vertiv expertise and discipline-specific partners to simplify mission critical challenges.


Saving Space in Placer County

Placer County Unified School District of California needed to find extra space in its building to construct a conference room and office space. 

By using Vertiv SmartRow products, they were able to condense the footprint of their old data center and build out the new spaces without major construction. Not only does the compact design and integrated fire suppression system allow SmartRow installation in any space, but it reduces energy consumption by up to 27%. 

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FlexPod 中的 SmartCabinet

FlexPod 项目中使用的 SmartCabinet 包含成功部署 FlexPod 融合基础架构系统所需的全部支持基础设施。

Digital Ceiling 中的 SmartCabinet

为 Digital Ceiling 定制的 SmartCabinet 项目包括成功部署多达 9,600 平方英尺的思科 Digital Ceiling 系统所需的全部支持基础设施。

SmartRow S

SmartRow S 可在短短数周内,利用一个通道封闭的房间级系统,打造出一个完整的数据中心,一并满足现在和未来的需求。

SmartRow DCR

SmartRow DCR 是一个独立的模块化数据中心,旨在简化室内空间的 IT 部署。SmartRow™ 能够容纳最多 10 个机架,并集成了制冷、UPS、配电、消防和应急通风系统,可实现分布式标准化建设和统一化管理。