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The page you're viewing is for Simplified Chinese (China) region.

Colocation and Cloud

Customized colocation solutions with Vertiv global solutions

The Vertiv Advantage

Vertiv global solutions takes a holistic view of projects, working with you from the initial requirements all the way through project execution.

We tailor the solution for your specific requirements, pre-engineering, pre-configuring, pre-testing, and pre-validating the products, allowing for rapid delivery and on-site assembly. Our solutions are supported by a global manufacturing and supply chain footprint, built on decades of leadership in data center and telecommunications applications.

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Vertiv Global Solutions


Provide designs and build a facility with scalable cooling, power, and whitespace.


Engage with IT, facilities, network, and security to integrate with the project from initial requirements through execution.


Drive out inefficiency by customizing pre-tested, factory-integrated, multi-vendor solutions and assembling them on-site.


Dimension Data: A Vertiv Case Study

Tier III Prefabricated Modular Data Center for South Africa.

The burgeoning growth of data-enabled businesses across the developing markets of Africa has led to an explosion of data center demand closer to users. It is no longer economical to serve these customers from hubs located thousands of kilometers from where the information is produced and consumed.


Related Products & Services

Vertiv Power Module 1000/1200

Vertiv™ Power Module 1000/1200 enables you to deploy isolated, power-dense, critical infrastructure capacity just in time to meet your business demands.

Liebert DSE​ 400kW 一体化自然冷却解决方案

Liebert DSE 400kW 是一套高可靠高效率的无水冷却系统,应用领域包括托管型数据中心 (Colo)、云计算和数据中心。该系统采用高效的氟泵双循环技术,经济性很高,可大幅降低峰值功率,从而节省费用、降低风险并优化热管理解决方案。Liebert DSE 400kW 作为一体化解决方案,以预先装载,工厂测试的单体产品方式提供,实现快速、方便、简捷的部署。

Liebert.EFC 高效间接蒸发式冷却单元

Liebert.EFC间接蒸发是用于云、托管和其他大型数据中心的高度可靠和高效的冷却系统。它结合了高效的热交换器和先进的控制装置,可帮助客户节省资金,降低风险并简化热管理。Liebert EFC可实现低至1.03的PUE水平,快速部署,占地面积少,并且是一种高度可扩展的解决方案。

Vertiv EXL-S1 UPS

Liebert EXL S1

Liebert EXL S1 系列是一款无变压器型的高频塔式 UPS,其优异的节地性能和高功率密度处于行业领先水平,卓越的运行效率,强大的电气保护和智能并机技术,可进一步提升轻载效率,降低运行成本。支持集中和分散旁路配置方案。兼容锂离子电池系统。