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The page you're viewing is for Simplified Chinese (China) region.


利用 Vertiv 全球解决方案实现电缆着陆站的定制

The Vertiv Advantage

Vertiv provides the core electrical and physical infrastructure to support cable landing stations, whether a few or dozens, anywhere in the world.

Vertiv leverages the breadth of our portfolio and experience of our discipline-specific partners to deliver solutions that are repeatable, modular, assembled on-site, and customized for local markets. Our approach relies on proven solutions that we customize to offer the ideal combination of distinctive capability, best value, and rapid delivery.


维谛技术 (Vertiv) 全球解决方案


Pre-configure and pre-validate distinctive designs with 60+ cross-discipline engineers, reducing on-site construction time.


Shorten deployment times, so your business can better align demand signals to investments in growth.


Work from developing the initial requirements all the way through project execution.


Hibernia Express builds trans-oceanic cables with Vertiv

Hibernia Express is a 4,600-km, 6-pair transatlantic cable system that connects North America and Europe through landing points in Nova Scotia, England, and Ireland.

Hibernia Networks selected Vertiv as its partner to design and build two fully integrated cable landing stations on each side of the Atlantic Ocean based on our experience, expertise, and deployment speed. These landing stations were completed in only seven months, enabling Hibernia Express to deliver the absolute lowest latency and additional high-performing global capacity to its customers on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.



Vertiv SmartMod

Vertiv™ SmartMod™ is a flexible platform, optimized for simplified deployment of your critical IT assets.

NetSure 7000

NetSure 7000 系列直流电源系统非常适用于从无线电基站和小型办公室,到大型办公室以及数据中心等设施使用,这些设施需要在较小占地空间内实现高电源效率、高可靠性和高系统可用性。

NetSure 8000

NetSure 8000 系列高功率密度电源系统为集中式或分布式架构系统的光纤站提供了更高的灵活性。在 -48 VDC 时,5,800 瓦整流模块的最大输出电流通过并机可高达 16,800 安培。独立的进线柜和馈线柜,只需进行配置,便可满足任何应用需求。NetSure 系统的设计用途是支持无线和有线应用,包括中心局站、移动电话交换局 (MTSO)、数据中心和有线电视前端站。