The page you're viewing is for Simplified Chinese (China) region.

The page you're viewing is for Simplified Chinese (China) region.


Installation Services

Design and installation errors can impact data center infrastructure projects by adding days, weeks, or even months to a schedule. These errors can also have lasting effects on your critical facility’s operation. Proper installation is paramount to system reliability and requires expertise on both the equipment and proper safety procedures.

  • Banking Financial and Insurance
  • Data CenterColocationHosting
  • Healthcare
  • Retail and Wholesale
  • Education
  • Government


Simplified vendor management occurs when accountability regarding quality installation is had by a single source of expertise
Fewer costly project delays happen when installations of any manufacturer’s equipment are properly engineered and executed 
Optimized system performance is achieved when your ideal configuration is determined at the time of installation
Enhanced use of internal staff is possible as installation projects are managed by external industry and equipment experts


Professional installation by licensed contractors ensures adherence to best practices
System configuration based on engineering expertise optimizes system performance
Equipment startup ensures installation accuracy and error-free operation



显示联系人 Virginia, 20149, USA 更换地点
Emergency Response for Services
+1 800 543 2378
服务重点领域: 项目服务, 性能优化服务
Geist Support - Americas (Rack PDU and Watchdog)
+1 888 630 4445
1777 Yolande Avenue Lincoln Nebraska USA
服务重点领域: 项目服务, 性能优化服务, 应急响应, 预防性的维护, 工业应用预防性维保, 远程服务, 备件及零配件管理
Vertiv (Liebert Services)
+1 800 543 2378
610 Executive Campus Drive Westerville Ohio 43082 USA
服务重点领域: 项目服务, 性能优化服务, 培训, 应急响应, 预防性的维护, 工业应用预防性维保, 远程服务, 备件及零配件管理