The page you're viewing is for Simplified Chinese (China) region.

The page you're viewing is for Simplified Chinese (China) region.

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Vertiv's Albér™ stationary battery monitors allows for continuous status of a battery's state of health so you're alerted 24x7 of any abnormal conditions. Portable monitors provides efficient maintenance and service of vented (VLA) and sealed (VRLA) batteries. Albér™ software provides a single view of all Albér™ monitoring systems, batteries and Lithium Ion battery racks.

Stationary Battery Monitors
Portable Battery Monitors
Battery Monitoring Software

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Vertiv's Albér™ battery monitors are designed specifically for each industry. This provides the most cost-effective solution, tailored for the most common battery configuration in each industry.

Data Center
Utilities/Power/Gas Transmission and Distribution

Albér™ Battery Xplorer Enterprise

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We're here to help. Download the latest software and firmware for your Albér™ products; get the right support for product compliance, warranties, and maintenance; or ask our Albér™ experts to get quick answers.

The Albér™ UXIME and ELS2 Systems - NERC PRC-005 Compliance