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Colovore Deploys Liquid Cooling Solution to Offer Customers Rack Capacities up to 50 Kilowatts

October 24, 2022


Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, Colovore was created specifically to meet the area’s need for data center infrastructure able to support the next-generation, high-performance computing that has evolved from data-intensive technologies. And by standardizing on Vertiv solutions, the company continues to optimize its server footprint for maximum power, cooling and operating efficiency.


  • Enabled fully-packed, top-to-bottom rack deployments with no wasted or unusable rack unit slots
  • Increased operating and capital efficiency due to significant reductions in required cabinets and data center floor space
  • Achieved lower operating costs with savings passed on to customers
  • Improved cooling effectiveness enabling continued support of advanced applications and higher rack densities densities

Case Summary
Location: Santa Clara, California
Critical Need: The age of connectedness and massive data consumption has boosted the adoption of advanced hardware which requires more power consumption than other data center equipment. For example, graphics processing unit (GPU) servers today routinely draw 1 kW per server rack unit. This increase in power usage coupled with the high operating temperatures of high-density environments required Colovore to implement a robust thermal management solution that would enable compact server footprints that maximize power, cooling and operating efficiency.
Vertiv Solution: IT racks using Vertiv™ Liebert® DCD rack door cooling module


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