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The page you're viewing is for English (India) region.

Micro Data Center Helps Simplify Complex Edge Environments

Peter Kueth •

We are at an interesting inflection point in the data center industry. To support the vast universe of applications requiring computing, data centers are becoming more and more complex. At the same time, more of this computing is happening at the edge of the network, absent on-site IT support. The challenge for us as providers of data center solutions is to deliver computing capable of performing complex functions in packages that are easy to install, operate and support.

Enter Micro Data Centers.

Our Micro Data Centers are prefabricated modular data centers with integrated IT and network management, and infrastructure equipment configured to meet the needs of the user. These edge data centers can be as small as a single rack or as large as multiple fully integrated racks, rows or aisles, and they can be deployed virtually anywhere in a matter of hours without the need for preexisting power and cooling infrastructure on site.

Micro Data Centers are perfect for any application requiring networking, storage, and computing closer to the user, which in today’s world is, well… everywhere. Supermarkets and other retail environments increasingly rely on on-site computing to streamline point-of-sale interactions, manage inventory, security, and enhance the customer and employee experience.

Hospitals and other health care facilities need on-site computing for healthcare information management, imaging, medication management, to support increasing telehealth demands, and staff communication. Industrial environments use on-site computing to manage automation tools, including robotics. Educational institutions at all levels are pivoting to modern technologies both as part of their curriculums and to support administrative activities.

As data center design at the edge of the network evolves to support these functions, two performance requirements are ubiquitous: First, availability is non-negotiable. In most cases, today’s edge deployments are every bit as mission critical as a traditional data center. And second, latency must remain low. These systems are located at the edge precisely because transmission to and from a centralized data center is too slow.

Micro Data Centers deliver on both fronts. The integrated data center infrastructure ensures the system remains up and running even if utility power is out, and it can be designed to protect against particulates that can cause outages in many industrial settings. These systems also provide the robust on-site computing necessary to reduce latency by minimizing data transmission delays, and reducing data transmission requirements off-site In fact, the integrated cooling systems are capable of cooling high-density racks supporting even the most advanced, high-performance computing functions.

Because Micro Data Centers are fully integrated and factory-built to meet the precise needs of the user, the system’s physical footprint and power requirements are smaller than a traditional build or typical edge deployment. This comes with the added benefit of being easily transportable, so Micro Data Centers can move from site to site as business needs change. It also offers the anticipated benefits of prefabrication – factory assembly and testing to ensure consistent quality and minimize post-installation service visits.

Micro Data Centers simplify the edge of the network by delivering integrated, modular computing resources that can be installed quickly and operated and serviced easily. View our latest micro data centers video here and learn more How is your organization dealing with the need for computing at the edge of the network?

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