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Freecooling, Evaporative and Adiabatic Cooling Technologies in Data Center Applications

Walfrido Zafarana •

The traditional cooling approach considers open aisle architectures with return air temperatures to cooling units between 22-26°C and supply air temperatures to the data center between 10-14°C to be considered standard.

With the use of intelligent air distribution management to the servers, data center designers and facility managers can increase chilled water temperatures from the standard 7-12°C, to 20-26°C.

As a result of the SmartAisle cold aisle containment solution, the servers’ exact cooling and airflow needs are met, thus investing only necessary kilowatts in targeted cooling. The SmartAisle solution increases space efficiency and provides uniform and predictable temperature to all IT equipment, directly controlling cold aisle temperature and humidity.

Combined with the right chiller, such as the Liebert® HPC freecooling chiller or the Liebert AFC adiabatic freecooling chiller, the benefits are even greater:

  • Higher capacity at smaller footprint
  • Significant energy savings as a result of the freecooling usage for a significant number of hours per year
  • Low noise operation

In this paper, we will investigate the impact of using freecooling technologies with and without adiabatic and evaporative technologies in major EMEA cities.

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