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Benefits of Choosing Industrial-Grade UPS

Arunangshu Chattopadhyay •

If there’s one thing the pandemic has made us realize (or accept), it’s that technology has become such a crucial part of our everyday lives that it’s become a necessity rather than a luxury. When the world went into lockdown, virtually everyone turned to technology to keep the world running -- from remote work to online learning to critical financial transactions.

Throughout it all, the data center has served as the backbone for many of these IT applications and transactions. No doubt, the data center has become as indispensable as any other utility like gas, electricity and telecoms. According to GlobalData, data center revenues are expected to reach $948 billion by the end of the decade due to increased adoption of new architectures to address the demand for IT services.

Unfortunately, data center downtime is still a major cause of concern. According to the latest Ponemon Institute report, data center outages are still happening and happening too often. Every data center operator knows that any minute of downtime can cost a business hundreds of thousands of dollars in loss revenue. And this is particularly critical in these times.

One of the causes of downtime – and completely avoidable through proactive measures – is failure of the uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system that provides emergency backup power. That’s why today, more and more facilities are increasingly going for an industrial-grade UPS solution for their data centers. An industrial-grade UPS not only has high tolerance and high reliability, but is also designed to provide the facility with a Tier III level of protection.

Mid-size data centers can do well in deploying industrial-grade UPSs in their facility. As they are a crucial part of the data center ecosystem and an important link between core and the edge data centers, mid-size data centers should have the right infrastructure in place to ensure availability.


Here are some considerations when choosing an industrial-grade UPS for your mid-size data centers:

  1. Dynamic online mode – A UPS with Dynamic Online mode offers an operating efficiency up to 99% without sacrificing reliability. Systems equipped with are able to safely transition from high efficiency mode to inverter mode with a 0 millisecond transfer, thus providing guaranteed load power protection under virtually any power outage condition. (Read more about Dynamic Online mode here)
  2. Small footprint – Many mid-size data centers are in office spaces or buildings with limited floor area. Having a UPS that is compact and space-saving can provide huge benefits, saving significant data center floor space.
  3. Fault-tolerant design – Look for a UPS that has a high fault tolerant design to guarantee continuous and uninterrupted functionality.


Vertiv’s Liebert EXM2 is a ruggedized, industrial-grade UPS that’s ideal for mid-size data centers, manufacturing and healthcare facilities, and other areas where IT availability is critical. We have just recently announced the availability of the Liebert EXM2 in Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand. To learn more, click here.

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