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與 Vertiv 製造商的代表合作,即可根據您的特有需求配置複雜的設計。如果您是尋求大型專案技術指導的組織,Vertiv 可以提供您所需的支援。


許多客戶都會與 Vertiv 經銷商合作夥伴合作,為 IT 應用程式購買 Vertiv 產品。合作夥伴擁有豐富的訓練和經驗,獨具優勢,能夠使用 Vertiv 產品指定、銷售和支援整個 IT 和基礎設施解決方案。


已經知道自己的需求嗎? 想要享受線上購買和宅配的便利性嗎? 某些類別的 Vertiv 產品可以透過線上經銷商購買。


需要協助選擇產品嗎? 與合格的 Vertiv 專家交談,讓他們協助您找到適合自己的解決方案。

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The page you're viewing is for Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) region.

What are the main benefits for choosing SmartMod™ as an infrastructure solution versus the well-known existing method of capacity expansion?

There are a few primary reasons why choosing a SmartMod™ in lieu of adding on to a traditional data center is more beneficial.

  • Faster Deployment – SmartMod can be installed much faster than a traditional method of adding capacity, where you must engineer a design, select components, procure components, and then build. SmartMod is preconfigured and arrives at the site with minimal additional site work required.
  • Modularity / transportability – a SmartMod can be relocated as requirements change (building lease, site relocations, on-premise needs, etc.).
  • Capital efficiency – Because of rapid deployment and offsite fabrication, you only need to deploy enough capacity to meet needs for the short term. You can augment with additional capacity later when needs become clearer, shortening the time from recognition of need to deployment of capacity.

In terms of security, what type of security systems are offered for SmartMod especially for remote and unmanned sites?

Each Vertiv™ SmartMod™ unit has a high-quality steel enclosure construction which will provide resistance to tool-assisted forced entry. The enclosure is sealed and locked so incoming power is not exposed. The interior environment can be equipped with a security system including card access control, cameras and door contact closures. These systems can be networked to your management systems either in-band or via various out-of-band connection solutions (including wireless).

If I have any local inspections or local code requirements, will I have an issue?

SmartMod is pre-engineered to International Building Code 2015 including NFPA & NEC requirements and are intended to accommodate the broadest possible range of deployment locations. Verification of site suitability will be performed for each project. Each location may have unique regulations and inspector preferences, so the recommendation is to confirm in advance any special requirements which can be accommodated via minor customization.

What is the SmartMod maximum rack density? Can it be higher?

The SmartMod can achieve up to 17kW/rack of sustained, evenly distributed load with standard configurations. While special customized configurations can achieve higher densities, we have designed SmartMod to function as a typical data center, using standard data center infrastructure equipment and standard IT racks, thus allowing the technicians working on the IT equipment to have standard access to the equipment in a hot/cold aisle orientation.

This reliability of operation is built around proven, reliable product families and form factors. While our standard rack density may not cover all potential applications, it accommodates the broadest range of typical workloads for the market today.

Shipping the SmartMod with the different systems already installed will invalidate any sub-system warranties?

No, the SmartMod designs have been tested for suitability of shipping integrated systems. Onsite startup & testing will confirm that the systems are operating correctly after site installation and no issues detected.

How will the SmartMod be transported to customer’s facilities and are there any possible issues because it isn’t an ISO container?

Each SmartMod solution can go as many places as ISO containers can go. Vertiv has available means to transport the enclosure via both (land & ocean freight). Although it isn’t an ISO container, the unit is designed around serviceability to ensure clearance for servicing the equipment inside. As a result, there is sufficient room for technicians to access equipment in the racks without sliding them from the rows or requiring additional exterior doors.

Can SmartMod be used with an existing protected power and/or cooling infrastructure?

The standard SmartMod is completely self-contained, enabling it to be ready for commissioning by just connecting to an external unprotected power feed. It is possible to work with you to customize SmartMod to incorporate an existing infrastructure.

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