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與 Vertiv 製造商的代表合作,即可根據您的特有需求配置複雜的設計。如果您是尋求大型專案技術指導的組織,Vertiv 可以提供您所需的支援。


許多客戶都會與 Vertiv 經銷商合作夥伴合作,為 IT 應用程式購買 Vertiv 產品。合作夥伴擁有豐富的訓練和經驗,獨具優勢,能夠使用 Vertiv 產品指定、銷售和支援整個 IT 和基礎設施解決方案。


已經知道自己的需求嗎? 想要享受線上購買和宅配的便利性嗎? 某些類別的 Vertiv 產品可以透過線上經銷商購買。


需要協助選擇產品嗎? 與合格的 Vertiv 專家交談,讓他們協助您找到適合自己的解決方案。

聯絡 Vertiv 專家

The page you're viewing is for Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) region.

Avocent Software Support | Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the currently available Software Warranty and Maintenance offerings?

A. The current Software Warranty and Maintenance offering are GOLD and SILVER.

Q. How do I contact Technical Support to report software product related issues?

A.Vertiv customers can submit an incident to Vertiv Technical Support several ways. Also, feel free to access our knowledge base at , or customers only)


When a Customer contacts Support they will first speak with a Technical Support  Administrator who will triage the customer’s issue. After validating maintenance entitlement and assessing the severity of the issue, Technical Support will inform the customer when a Technical Support Analyst will respond to the support request. Contact numbers and hours of operation can be found in the Support section of the website.

Response and follow-up times are outlined in the software maintenance data sheets and here.


Customers will be able to access informative resources, participate in forums, view previous and current technical support cases and submit a case for technical support. To access the Customer Portal, visit and click on Request Technical Support.

User must register and have an account on the Vertiv Community site to submit a case the first time they access the Customer Portal. After registering, customers will be able to submit a request to open a Technical Support case by emailing . If a case is opened via email, the customer will receive a confirmation email that will contain the case number. If the case is opened through the Customer Portal, the customer will be notified in the portal of the case number as well as receiving a confirmation email containing the case number. When emailing Vertiv Technical Support to open a new ticket, please be sure to remove any previous case number from the email’s subject line. Otherwise, the email will be routed to a previous case (if it’s still open), or generate a bound back email, if the previous case has been closed. 

Q. Is there a difference in the level of product support services the customer is entitled based on the GOLD and SILVER Software Warranty & Maintenance offering?

A. Yes.  Please see the below chart.

Software Warranty & Maintenance  Offerings​SILVERGOLD
Access to Technical Support 8x5 24x7
Web / e-mail Support
Phone Support
Severity Level 1-2 Response 4 Hours 2 Hours
Severity Level 3-4 Response 12 Hours 8 Hours
Number of Incidents Unlimited Unlimited
Number of Support Contacts 3 6
Major Upgrade
Minor Updates (ex: Hotfixes)
Service Packs
Symbol Subscription

Q. When experiencing software product related issues, what information is required when opening a case with Technical Support?

A. Yes, when preparing to contact Technical Support, you should gather detail information about the problem so that you can have it on hand when discussing the product related issue with the software specialist.  To help us understand and resolve the product related issue as quickly as possible, it is important that you take the following steps before you contact Technical Support:  Define the problem, gather background information and details of the actual error message experienced.

Q. How does Technical Support deliver software product support services?

A. Technical Support delivers remote software product support services.  Depending on the nature of the software product related issue, Technical Support or Engineering may require remote access to the environment.  Technical Support utilizes web-conferencing applications such as WebEx, MS LiveMeeting or BOMGAR to deliver remote troubleshooting assistance.  Not having remote access may delay the delivery of the resolution.


FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS – SYMBOLS (Aperture, Avocent® Data Center Planner and the Trellis™ platform)

Q. What is the link to the Symbol Portal?


Q. How do I obtain credentials to the portal?

A. A Customer Account form (see attachment) will need to be filled out and sent to

Q. Can we use one generic log-in for multiple Users?

A. It is recommended that all Users have their own log-in credentials to the portal for security reasons and best portal performance.

Q. How do I report an issue with a symbol that was created for me?

A. Symbols not created correctly specifically for a User, should be reported to The manufacturer, model, model qualifier and ticket number should be provided to the support technician along with a brief description of the error.

Q. Why is the symbol with the element library sometimes not delivered at the same time with the initial symbol?

A. The element processing for creating an element library takes a longer time to create and some Users would like to add their symbol to their project instead of waiting for the element library to be completed.  It is recommended that if you are pending an element library that you not populate the symbol in your Trellis project.

Q. How do I request an element library for an existing symbol?

A. Provide the Manufacturer, Model and Model Qualifier name (in the comments section) and choose “Yes” in the Monitoring field.  This will route the request directly to the appropriate team to create an Element Library.

Q. How do I change my Trellis Platform default when I upgrade to a new version?

A. In the Request Form, under “This Request (optional)” you can choose your new Trellis™ Platform and then Click on the “Set As Default Version” button.  The next time you log into your account the new platform version will be your default.

Helpful Hint:
When searching the library for an existing symbol, do not provide detailed manufacturer or model names. For example Vertiv, don’t look for The Vertiv Corporation.  For a model UMG 2000, list UMG in the Model search field.  You will have a greater return but chances are you will find what you are looking for. Adding or not including a space, dash, etc., could cause an existing symbol to not appear in your search.