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The page you're viewing is for Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) region.

Is the warranty on the PSI5 Lithium-Ion longer than UPSs with lead acid (VRLA) batteries?

The purchase of a LiebertR PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS includes a 5-year advanced replacement warranty.

Are lithium-ion batteries safe?

Lithium-ion batteries in a stationary UPS application are safe and reliable. They use sophisticated battery management systems (BMS) to manage battery charging and to prevent batteries from overheating.

What are the advantages of lithium-ion batteries?

The key benefit of lithium-ion in a UPS application is that it will last 2-3 times as long as a VRLA battery pack. This reduces the cost of ownership and makes UPS installations much easier to manage remotely. The lithium-ion batteries are also much more resilient to elevated temperatures and allow for more power in smaller spaces. Lithium-Ion batteries are also much lighter than VRLA batteries making them easier to install.

What is the average useful life of the battery used in the PSI5 Lithium-Ion?

The lithium-ion battery pack is designed to last 7-10 years, while VRLA batteries last about 3-5 years. The lithium-ion batteries typically last about 10 years up to 25°C, and about 7 years while operating at 40°C.

With lithium-ion carrying more power in less space, will a smaller UPS still provide the same level of protection?

Yes, the smaller physical size of the PSI5 Lithium-Ion compared to a VRLA UPS was achieved without compromising on protection or quality. The space savings was entirely due to the battery being smaller.

How can I understand if the PSI5 Lithium-Ion will provide enough runtime at my specific IT design load?

Vertiv has a battery runtime calculator available on our website to help estimate battery runtimes. These runtimes are estimates only and actual runtimes will vary up or down depending on environmental conditions.

Is there a downside to a UPS with lithium-ion batteries compared to traditional VRLA batteries?

The only downside is that many lithium-ion UPS options are more expensive than VLRA options. However, VRLA UPSs will require battery replacements every 3-5 years so the PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS in many cases has a much lower total cost of ownership.

How do you calculate total cost of ownership (TCO)?

The easiest way is to use Vertiv’s Lithium-Ion TCO Calculator on our website. In short, you compare the purchase price of a lithium-ion UPS to the price of a VRLA UPS, plus the parts and labor cost to replace the VRLA battery pack 2-3 times. The number of battery replacements required will vary based on ambient temperature, IT load, and the average number of charge/discharge cycles on the battery.

Can this product be transported safely?

Yes, the PSI5 Lithium-Ion meets UN 38.3 and UN3480 to safely ship the UPS and lithium-ion batteries by air, land, and sea. Per UN3480, when shipping by air the battery state of charge (SOC) must be ≤30%.

Is this product UL Listed?

Yes, the PSI5 Lithium-Ion meets UL 1778, UL 1642 (Battery Cells) and UL 1973 (Battery Pack).

What chemistry of lithium-ion battery is in the PSI5 Lithium-Ion, and why was it selected?

The PSI5 Lithium-Ion battery pack is made of LiFePO4 as it provides excellent safety and can last 10 years or more in ideal operating conditions.

Are lithium-ion battery packs hot-swappable?

Yes, these battery packs are hot-swappable.

What is the process for Recycling old batteries? Can Vertiv support this?

Yes, Vertiv has a trade-in program and will provide shipping and recycling of old batteries. This program includes recycling of both VRLA and Lithium-Ion Batteries.

Is the operating temperature range of PSI5 Lithium-Ion different than VRLA?

The PSI5 Lithium-Ion UPS can operate without derating between 0 - 40°C like the VRLA UPS. However, from about 25 - 40°C VRLA batteries are susceptible to reduced lifespan making Lithium-Ion batteries more suitable for elevated temperatures.

Is the PSI5 Lithium-Ion available with external battery cabinets for longer runtime?

Scalable runtime is not supported by the PSI5 Lithium-Ion at this time.