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與 Vertiv 製造商的代表合作,即可根據您的特有需求配置複雜的設計。如果您是尋求大型專案技術指導的組織,Vertiv 可以提供您所需的支援。


許多客戶都會與 Vertiv 經銷商合作夥伴合作,為 IT 應用程式購買 Vertiv 產品。合作夥伴擁有豐富的訓練和經驗,獨具優勢,能夠使用 Vertiv 產品指定、銷售和支援整個 IT 和基礎設施解決方案。


已經知道自己的需求嗎? 想要享受線上購買和宅配的便利性嗎? 某些類別的 Vertiv 產品可以透過線上經銷商購買。


需要協助選擇產品嗎? 與合格的 Vertiv 專家交談,讓他們協助您找到適合自己的解決方案。

聯絡 Vertiv 專家

The page you're viewing is for Traditional Chinese (Taiwan) region.

Your Data Center Requires Special Knowledge in Thermal Management

There’s a vast difference in the expertise necessary to address the comfort cooling needs of a commercial building and the thermal management needs of your sensitive and sophisticated data center. An incorrect repair procedure or the use of non-genuine parts, can have a profound effect on your equipment’s performance, your data center’s availability, and your energy costs. The factory-trained and certified technicians of Vertiv™ know the difference. We are equipped to maximize the performance and efficiency of your thermal management system as no one else can.

Our Thermal Services Offerings

Maximize the performance of your new thermal equipment with Vertiv warranty inspection services

Warranty inspection services ensure that your Vertiv thermal equipment operates as intended. We provide complete inspection services for the maximum performance, availability, and efficiency of your precision cooling system.

Ensure peak performance of your thermal management systems with Vertiv preventive maintenance services

Preventive maintenance of your precision cooling equipment is essential to ensure the long-term reliability and performance.  Choose from one of our comprehensive service plans designed to provide multiple levels of service depending on your requirements. Whether you need 8x5 or 24x7 coverage, parts, labor, or emergency services, our service plans provide the protection you need for your critical data center operations. Performed by Vertiv factory-trained technicians, our services meet the stringent requirements of your thermal management equipment and ensure peak performance year round.


Optimize your system configuration for improved efficiencies

Thermal optimization services helps you meet the changing demands within your data center including the need for increased capacity, improved efficiencies, and better system integration. We'll work with you to determine the appropriate controls, customize set points, and ensure your configuration gives you the control you need for proper management of your thermal assets.


Improve system reliability and efficiency with Vertiv thermal upgrades

Extend the life of your precision cooling equipment and deliver improved reliability and efficiency, while lowering your overall operating costs. Upgrades to variable speed drives and Liebert iCOM controls can increase your energy efficiency by as much as 50 percent. These technologies are installed by our factory-trained technicians with little or no disruption to data center operations.


24x7 Protection for your business-critical network

Vertiv Thermal Remote Monitoring services ensures that your business-critical network is protected 24x7. With early detection of temperature increases, as well as other anomalies, small problems won’t become big ones. Our ability to poll your equipment’s operational data at regular intervals provides unsurpassed predictive maintenance capabilities to ensure continuous operation.


On call 24x7 to respond when and where you need us

Emergency Response of the highest caliber is crucial. You need someone with a thorough understanding of the critical nature of your data center space and all its unique requirements. You also need someone who can respond quickly with the right tools and expertise to solve your problems. From initial inspection to equipment repair, upgrade and replacement, Vertiv Services ensures a quick, safe, and reliable return to operation.


Why Vertiv?

Vertiv’s deep infrastructure expertise is amplified by our use of data and our cradle-to-grave services, giving our customers insight into technology and operating trends and the confidence to effectively manage risk, reduce costs, increase utilization and make better decisions.

Industry and technology insight Image
Industry and technology insight

Vertiv service capabilities are based on deep industry and infrastructure expertise amplified by years of equipment performance data. It’s this combination that delivers insight into operating trends making effective risk management and equipment optimization possible.

A flexible and scalable partner Image
A flexible and scalable partner

Vertiv partners with critical facility operators to design innovative service programs that meet objectives and budgets. From managing an entire facility build to maintaining equipment in small, remote locations, we provide scalable solutions for ever critical infrastructure challenge.

Global reach, local support Image
Global reach, local support

A truly global organization, we provide consistent service delivery for critical facilities in all regions of the world with service provided by knowledgeable, local specialists. We provide full support for your critical infrastructure when and where you need us.